But Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle is still snoring. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t feel funny and kicked him. Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle is still so difficult that Guo Xiaosi can’t just wait for him to wake up in vain and see if it is rough. This can make Guo Xiaosi feel in a dilemma.

This Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle is really a weirdo. I just heard people say that I haven’t heard of them. It seems that others hate each other. After listening to Yelv’s voice that their family got it, he immediately lowered the price by 100 pieces of medium-order lingshi, which shows that this person is also a temperament middleman who cares about his family’s honor. Guo Xiaosi thought of this and couldn’t help thinking about it. He immediately shouted at the top of his voice that Yan Hong Family is the third family of refiners. I’m afraid this statement may not necessarily be the thirteenth family.
The words sound just fell and Guo Xiaosi felt a black shadow flash from his eyes, and then a sound rang. Who is talking nonsense here? We press Hushuihe Yan Hong Family, but the first family of refiners, what is the third and thirteenth? Who is talking nonsense here?
Guo Xiaosi burst out laughing, but don’t look at Yan Hong Wu Ya’s bundle and sleep like a dead pig, but it’s not good until they press the Hushui River Yan Hong family refining technology. This urine is like a firecracker being lit, and even in his sleep, he will wake up immediately.
Is a person say how don’t yan hong brothers don’t believe in the world? Guo Xiaosi squatted down to see yan hong wuya bundle of eyes once said.
Yan Hong Wu Ya bundle flew into a rage, and her face and muscles were twisted. I don’t know if it was because she just woke up or because she was angry. Her eyes were as red as a pair of rabbits. Seeing Guo Xiaosi’s mouth, she shouted, "Well, tell me about it. We are the thirteenth refiner family according to Hushui River, and which twelve are the first. Where did you hear that our Yan Hong family is the third refiner family?
Guo Xiaosi, ha ha, laughs. The pavilion will move so much. Actually, let me say that the other 12 names are of little help to your family. Well, I have not been able to buy anything in these twelve families. If your family can refine it, your family will be the first family to cultivate immortals.
Come on, I’ll listen to it. I don’t believe it. Can’t we refine the magic weapon according to the Hushuihe Yan Hong family? You can’t buy it elsewhere. Today, I’ll show you what the first family of refining devices is. Yan Hong Wu Ya’s spittle star almost splashed into Guo Xiaosi’s face
Guo Xiaosi got busy and said word for word, I need a medium-order magic weapon. If it is a corresponding multiplier or a low-order magic weapon, I won’t do it.
The middle-level magic weapon, the five-element golden halo, was repeated and immediately burst out laughing. I thought it was difficult to be a five-element golden halo. Hehe, the high-level magic weapon is really difficult for us to refine. It is absolutely no problem to say that the middle-level magic weapon. My second brother just sold a set of five-element golden halo at home.
Yan hong brothers really this magic weapon in the middle class, then let me see Guo Xiaosi busy way.
Unexpectedly, Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu shook his head, but not in my eyes, but I can help you refine it. When you give me three months, I can help you refine this magic weapon.
Then Guo Xiaosi wanted to think and asked how many pieces of intermediate lingshi did he need?
You have your own materials, we take a refined 500-level lingshi. If the materials are combined by us, this magic weapon of the middle level will need 2,700 pieces of lingshi. I refused to bargain at a price, Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu thought for a moment and replied.
After three months, Guo Xiaosi hesitated for the Wanbao meeting, and he might encounter Chu brothers after him. I don’t know if he can mix it for three months.
Yan hong Wu ya Shu saw that he was difficult and he thought it was too expensive, so he said that the price was still very real. There is absolutely nothing to say about the reputation of our family. You should pay a 1000-order Lingshi as a deposit for the time being, and then you can take it by the Hushui River, and then you can add Lingshi together.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Weird old woman
Guo Xiaosi another thought in the heart, the two devils in Chu’s family have already stared at themselves. Although he has not noticed them at present, he can’t say that the danger has been lifted. It is estimated that it is almost impossible to kill the two devils in Chu’s family, and it is still unknown whether the magic turtle shell can resist the attacks of the two devils. Therefore, an intermediate magic weapon will be guaranteed to be bigger. The golden ring of the five rings is so powerful that it is not impossible to get rid of one of the two brothers in Chu’s family.
It’s a pity that Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu asked him to wait for three months, and after three months, he went to the far north to get it. I don’t know how many times the risk is higher. Maybe he hasn’t waited until three months, when the Wanbao meeting is over, the two devils in the Chu family have turned him into a killing tool puppet, so after three months, the five elements of gold halo are gone.
Yan hong Wu ya Shu was annoyed when he saw that he continued to be silent. You didn’t bring so many lingshi, so don’t ask for the price. It’s really wrong to wake me up for no reason and disturb my dreams.
Guo Xiaosi shook his head and sighed, I want this five-ring gold halo now, but it’s a pity that you don’t have it at hand. What am I going to do with something in three months?
Really, don’t you have eyes? I bought a magic weapon brand, five elements of gold halo? Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle screamed with extreme dissatisfaction. That is to say, I don’t have this brand at hand for the time being, but I have to make a noise. What day? The third and thirteenth refiner families are really talking. Let’s go. I have to go back to sleep. Alas, I don’t know if I can fall asleep after all this noise. This Wanbao Club has not slept for 17 days.
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to talk to him again. He shook his head and turned away from Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu booth. Before he could walk a few steps, he had come to Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu Lei Ming to snore. The short-legged tiger continued to throw himself into his dreams to make up for his 17-day failure to sleep.
But before he could come, he felt that Yan Hong Wu Ya bundle was sleepy, and then a little immature voice came behind him. This friend wanted to buy five elements of golden halo, and he knew where he could get such a magic weapon.
Guo Xiaosi stopped and looked back to see a child looking at himself cheerfully.
Do you know where the five-ring gold halo is bought and sold? Guo Xiaosi wondered. This child has never met before and will help himself for no reason. After searching for a long time, he didn’t find that a child like the woman who sells five-ring gold halo can see it and actually knows that it is a magic weapon he needs.
To tell you the truth, this friend of mine is a servant of Yelv family. Our Yelv family will hold a Wanbao meeting here every other day, which has become a rule. However, because the Wanbao meeting is too big and the stall owners are very dynamic, the family sends us to various places at this time to help the guests buy their favorite things. The child’s innocent smile makes people think that Root can’t be lying.
Oh, your Yelv family is really anxious, but are you doing good deeds for others for nothing? Guo Xiaosi thinks that Yelv family is doing a good job, but these children can’t work well and no one comes to check, but it will certainly not be for nothing that this child is willing to do errands.
Well, hehe, the little boy smiled shyly and touched his forehead and laughed. The guest is a wise man and asked us to help the guest find something to buy. Just reward him with some lingshi.
However, I won’t do things for nothing, but in this way, Guo Xiaosi is relieved and laughs. Generally speaking, it’s good to let me know how much you will take. Otherwise, if you help me, I can’t afford this price. Isn’t it a terrible thing?
Guo Xiaosi, this worry is not unfounded. In case this little lion has a big mouth, then it will be a big loss. Therefore, it is still the most depressing thing to say hello before and have to be slaughtered by them. There is no place to shout wronged.
When the time comes, the guest will give a small one or two pieces of medium-order lingshi. The child smiled and said
Ten or twenty pieces of medium-grade lingshi is not a small sum. These guys will get a lot if they need to introduce a few businesses to three or four guests in a day, and they may even eat the benefits of buyers and sellers, but it is indeed a good way to make a fortune.
Ok, then you can take me there and have a look. Guo Xiaosi nodded and said, I will give you the Lingshi when I find it, and I will never break my word.
Ok, you always follow me, and you will soon find the child and cry loudly.
Guo Xiaosi in distress situation has become you in the blink of an eye. This seemingly innocent little boy’s skull is full of lingshi. When he sees the business door, he will talk endlessly.
Walking all the way behind this little boy, this little boy kept greeting the servants of the Yelu family scattered in the Wanbao Club and found a guest to show off his interest. It seems that business is not easy to do, otherwise this little boy need not be so excited.
After seven Catharine, Guo Xiaosi finally found the previous lady who sold five elements of gold halo, but she didn’t come across the past. The child turned around and stopped in front of him, and at the same time stretched his hand forward and continued to look at him cheerfully but didn’t speak.
Guo Xiaosi Bai didn’t tell him what he meant. He immediately touched 15 pieces of middle-class lingshi from the leather bag, and the child took it over and smiled. You must have seen the seller who sold the five-element gold halo. Thank you for your old reward and jumping away like an innocent child. It’s a pity that children in the mortal world are so naive.
Guo Xiaosi slightly sent a sigh with emotion and quickly walked over to the woman and asked, "Can these five elements of golden halo be exchanged for something that can’t be bought and sold by Lingshi?"
The slightly fat lady’s eyelids looked up and saw that it was Guo Xiaosi, an ugly person dressed in a cloth, and her eyelids drooped and said vigorously, "That’s how I wrote the pavilion in front of this booth. Do you need to ask more?"
Guo Xiaosi wasn’t angry, smiled lightly and then asked lightly, so I don’t know if Ge will accept those things in exchange for them. Is it a magic weapon or something else?
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t have these things if he has to exchange a medium-order magic weapon, but even if he is asked to exchange his sapphire sword or wind blade flag for her five elements of golden halo, Guo Xiaosi will never agree to return a few good qi-transforming Dan and qi-nourishing Dan for a medium-order magic weapon. There should be no problem.
I don’t really need the magic weapon. Even if I repair it like this, I will lose my life if I meet a master. What do I want to do so much? You might as well tell me something good. I will be interested if I hear about it. The woman is still energetic and the attitude of other stall owners is completely different. The stall owners are all short of the guests. This woman is doing well as if the guests are begging her.
When Guo Xiaosi saw her, she felt that this woman’s words were also somewhat different. She was only engaged in the construction period, that is, she had a medium-order magic weapon. It was also a dead end to cultivate immortality during the Dan period against the enemy. However, such a construction period was able to get such a medium-order magic weapon, and the details were unknown. Don’t cultivate immortality. Once you encounter a magic weapon, you will have to do it. But this woman seems to have no interest in these five elements of golden aura, and there are many doubts, but I don’t know whether it will happen.