Fu Shuanghui also smiled knowingly. "This Taoist friend seems to be a master who can have such an open-minded mentality." Gu Sheng ha ha smiled. "It’s just a matter of watching." The bodhi old zu secretly saved the girl because he didn’t try so hard. How can Gu Sheng and her talk happily now? How can such "sex" attract the attention of girls? However, when a stranger was present, he didn’t dare to "mess up" and reveal his identity. He didn’t think so much. He just did it. Fu Shuanghui felt that his motivation was simple and not as complicated as the amount of bodhi old zu thought. Besides, he felt that he already had Nan Qingyun, who loved each other and was happy, and he would ask for trouble.

The attack of the Snow Wolf clan on the front mountain peak has been frustrated one after another. The head of the Snow Wolf clan saw that the elders of the spirit died before the war, but the Snow Mole clan did not appear until this time it failed again. As soon as he roared, he withdrew the Snow Fox clan with his clan, although the form was dominant, but the loss was not small, so he went to Fu Yuer and Fu Shuanghui with their benefactors to return to the Snow Fox clan settlement to visit the head of the clan. The Snow Fox clan settlement was just behind the snow peak. From the outside, a big cave on the hillside could not see that it actually lived here. Snow fox people because the whole cave is blocked by a huge rock covered with snow and ice, and the monks in the north ice sheet are still superficial about the array shipment, and they don’t know how to arrange defense array and smoke screen. They can rely on this most original way to hide themselves at the mouth of the cave. Fu Shuanghui and Fu Yuer met together and grabbed Fu Shuanghui’s arm happily. "Sister Shuanghui, are you okay? That dog Rong came to see you again? " Fu Shuang-hui is sad that he will never come again. She is not sad because she has any feelings for the dog, but feels that it is not worth dying for a person who has lost himself. Fu Yuer said, "He is so bad that he always pesters his sister. This time it’s finally easy! It’s all because of your kindness that you won’t let me do it together every time, or you would have killed him! " Fu Yuer’s hand is bigger than a knife, and then she laughs at herself.
Fu Shuanghui patted her forehead and said, "You always think things are so simple. Alas, it would be nice if the world really misses you as simple as that." Gu Sheng suddenly realized what’s in his heart. Fu Shuanghui always refused to kill the dogs-dogs loved Fu Shuanghui deeply, although Fu Shuanghui didn’t like it, but because of this layer, every time the two ethnic groups fought, dogs would show mercy and wouldn’t hurt the ordinary people of the snow fox family. If he killed dogs, he would be afraid of not killing the elders of the new snow wolf clan.
Out of the cave, a snow fox clan leaned down and gave a gift to everyone. "Elders, Princess, please go in? "Fu Shuanghui said lightly." Got it. "She said to the others," Let’s go in. Don’t keep the heads waiting. "Gusheng three people followed them into the settlement of the snow fox family. Just after they entered the cave, two snow fox people pushed the boulder to block the entrance of the cave. The stone walls on both sides of the cave are not dark. Every ten steps, there will be a bright street lamp. The street lamp is made of crystal shells. Fu Shuanghui said," This is three hundred miles to the east, which means the ice sea is chiseled through thick
There are many caves with twists and turns, and each cave is the residence of a clan. It has come to a very deep cave bottom. It is not much bigger than the general clan caves, and the layout is very simple. There are only simple daily furnishings. This is the residence of the head of the Snow Fox clan. Fu Yuer called a "mother!" The patriarch sighed, and his eyes were a little moist. "It’s good that you are all right." The patriarch was doomed this time, and his daughter was afraid that she wouldn’t come back, but she didn’t expect Chi-jen to help defeat the enemy and save her ancestors’ inheritance.
The patriarch personally got up to meet the three people of Gusheng. "Thank you for your help. The Snow Fox clan is very grateful!" Gusheng quickly said, "The heads of families have stressed that the younger generations are ashamed!" The patriarch said, "Three people don’t need to be modest. I’ve always been grateful to the Snow Fox clan. If you have any requirements, don’t hesitate to come." She looked at the three people, Gu Sheng and the left and right Zhu Zhao looked at each other and smiled together. The patriarch saw that the three people didn’t talk and said, "Three people need to be polite …" Gu Sheng hurriedly said, "Don’t ask for anything from our predecessors." The patriarch suspected "Confused" and "The three benefactors ventured deep into this place.
The third volume Magic situation Section one hundred and forty Love wounds
? Section two hundred and twenty-two Love wounds
Gusheng really had a plan to help the Snow Fox clan defend against the enemy and then asked the Snow Fox clan to lead the way by themselves. He smiled modestly and asked himself, "We are from here and really have something to do-we will find another place and hope you can send someone to guide us." The patriarch said brightly, "Oh, this is no problem, I will send you a best guide." She specially emphasized the word "best". Gusheng was very grateful to Zhu Zhao for asking, "Why have you been fighting? We heard your enemy say what happened to Xianyuan Cave. Did you fight because of this cave? " The slight change of the color of the patriarch God immediately changed the topic with a smile. "Nothing, you are tired, right? Take her three benefactors to rest." Fu Yuer was clever enough to take the three people away from Fu Shuanghui and bowed their heads slightly without moving. "Hui Er" The patriarch said that no one was more willing to call the spiritual elder Fu Shuanghui like this when he was in time. "Hui Er, are you having some fluctuations in your heart?" Fu Shuang-hui shook his head with a shock. "No, there is no double-hui spirit. The elder is going into the cave of the fairy edge, and there will be no distractions." "I wish you were white in your heart." The patriarch sighed. "It’s really hard for you to have so many suitors in all ethnic groups for so many years, but this time …" "This time, Hui-er is not tempted!" The patriarch sighed and said in his heart, "Just now, your ears moved and listened to them again and again." Well, it’s nothing. You go home. ""It’s Sanyi. "Fu Shuanghui and the patriarch have relatives. Her mother and the patriarch are sisters.
As soon as she left the clan room, the clever Fu Yuer immediately recovered and asked Gu Sheng excitedly, "How about my beautiful sister?" Gusheng paused. "Why do you ask?" Fu Yuer smiled and said, "Answer my question first. Is my sister beautiful?" "Is she really your sister?" Gu Sheng was a little surprised. Two people look alike. "Of course, her mother is my mother’s second sister." Gu Sheng nodded thoughtfully and saw that he didn’t answer his question. Fu Yuer was a little worried. "Hey, you are quick to say." Zhu Zhao laughed. "Hey, what do you mean? Now you should tell us your name, right? I heard your mother call you fish. Are you called fish? " Fu Yuer stared angrily. "My name is her, not a fish! Fu Yuer "Zhu Zhao patted his head and smiled embarrassedly. Fu Yuer urged Gu Sheng to answer her again. Gu Sheng Kenai played Tai Chi" No, I also saw that you didn’t ask him anything-but he personally shot your sister. Do you know how difficult it is for us to make moves? " Fu Yuer eyes a bright staring at not a lot of carefully "he also has so much? Can easily defeat the dog? " "Cut!" Zhu Zhao, boasting by his friends, never stingy with cowhide drums. "What is a dog’s arrogance?" My brother is soaring soon, even if all your masters in the whole North Ice Field get together, they are not his opponents. "This is not the most unaccustomed way to talk big, so the horse blushed and hurriedly waved his hand." Piglets should not "mess up" and said … "Before he finished his words, there came a disdainful voice in the cave ahead." Hum! Really? That’s a big sigh. Should we get all the experts together to test this young hero? "The positive irony in the speech even changed the color of Gu Sheng’s face.
At the corner of the cave in front, a man came out with eyebrows, eyebrows, jade face and lips. He was six feet tall and charming. Fu Yuer frowned at the sight of him and asked, "Fu Dian, what are you doing here to eavesdrop on others? Are you ashamed?" Zhu Zhao asked her "Who is he?" Fu Yuer replied, "Our captain has always had a crush on Sister Shuang Hui. This time, he must be jealous because he didn’t save Sister Shuang Hui!" Zhu Zhao suddenly realized, "Oh, I overreached my secret admirer …" He deliberately turned up the sound to make Fu Dian hear Fu Dian furious. "What did you say?" Zhu Zhao recoiled his shoulders. "Oh, what a loud voice! It scared me to death-why didn’t someone come forward when others were in danger?" If there are few people in this world who are Zhu Zhao’s opponents in bickering, simply a few words will make Fu Dian’s angry face "color", his livid lips "chaos" tremble, that is, he can’t speak. Fu Yuer clapped his hands and laughed. "Haha … well said, Fu Dian, this is to teach you to remember not to always get fresh in front of your own people and show it to the real people!" You!’ "I, what happened to me?" Fu Yuer stared at Fu Dian with her hands akimbo. "What are you going to do with the princess?" "Good good!" He said three times in a row, shook his sleeves and turned away. "Hum little man!" Fu Yuer said something at his back to help her get angry. Fu Dian Fu Yuer also paid a lot of attention to Zhu Zhaodasheng. "Look at them, just don’t say you help me ask them if they think my sister is beautiful?"
Zhu Zhao smiled and looked at the fact that he was not "forced" to be anxious. Suddenly, his mind flashed and he reached out and pointed to Gu Sheng. "I didn’t. I didn’t help Gu Sheng when I saw that his hands were sweating and he refused to make a move …" Gu Sheng "Huh?" Fu Yuer was a little suspicious, but Zhu Zhao was convinced. He knew that an honest man would never lie, so he turned his attention to Gu Sheng. "Gu Lame, why are you so nervous?" "I ….." Gu Sheng didn’t know how to say it, but he didn’t know how to say it, and he didn’t say a complete sentence. Over there, he kept chanting about the amount of Buddha Sanqing’s father who didn’t lie in his brother’s heart. He made a sword school commandment and asked his fathers to punish him heavily … He would rather be punished by his father than be embarrassed by Zhu Zhao’s questioning, but he didn’t think that he had lied for the first time to reconcile the contradiction between Gu Sheng and the dragon and the fox, only to find that they had become a couple by mistake. If you don’t keep apologizing to the dragon and fox in your heart, if you don’t think that something really happened, it would be a big sin. Considering this weight, he regrets that he shouldn’t have dragged Gu Sheng into it, but it’s already gone back on his word and he can’t come.
Fu Yuer heard Zhu Zhao’s address to Gu Sheng and grabbed Gu Sheng. "Don’t worry, don’t worry, what did he just call you? Are your legs and feet inconvenient? Take two steps and let me have a look." Zhu Zhao hurriedly said, "Stop fooling around. We call him already lame." Gu Sheng had no heart. "What on earth are you going to do, Fu Yuer? What does it matter to you if I am lame or not? " "Of course there is!" Fu Yuer made a fuss. "I want Sister Shuang Hui to choose the best husband!" "what!" This sentence was shouted by three people together, and six eyes looked at her in surprise. "You …" The three people were speechless. "What’s the matter? Why else should I ask you?" "Ha ha ha ….." The three of them laughed together. Gu Sheng looked at Zhu Zhao before looking at Gu Sheng. "What’s wrong with you? What are you doing so strangely?" Fu Yuer is not white or Zhu Zhao made a speech. "First of all, Yuer, do you think my two friends are young talents?" "Yes, otherwise I can’t accompany my sister." "So do you think everyone will grab a treasure?" "Of course, no one is stupid." "So my two friends are two orbs that have already been taken away. Which is your turn?" Fu Yuer finally understood that she was in a hurry and argued, "Can we get it back? My sister is better than any other woman in the world?" Zhu Zhao said, "That’s what you think." He pointed to the two men and said, "One of their two lovers is the celestial demon family and the other is the seven aristocratic women. Which one do you think will be worse than your sister?" "This, this ….." Fu Yuer was in a hurry and couldn’t say a word. Gu Sheng came over and patted her on the shoulder. "Ha ha, little girl, you can’t think of many things."
Fu Yuer lost her breath and worked in vain. She was very dissatisfied. She snorted several times and left Gusheng. They walked over and followed the back four people. After the tunnel, the light of the shell lamp flickered for a long time. At the other end of the tunnel, there was a sigh of bitterness. A figure came out of the darkness and the shadow dragged for a long time. The shadow suddenly broke around a corner in the tunnel.
I don’t know why the cave is very warm. After coming to the North Ice Sheet, Gu "fan" paste slept for the first time "Bang Bang!" Good dreams don’t last long, and someone will always destroy "Who!" Zhu Zhao is also a slacker who was disturbed by sleep. Naturally, he was very unhappy that outsiders didn’t answer or knocked at the door. Zhu Zhao kicked and didn’t sleep outside. The nice guy got up and went to the door. "It’s me" Fu Yuer was outside the door without wearing a jacket. He hurriedly dodged and hid behind the door. I don’t know if it was because he was embarrassed or just woke up. "Oh, wait a minute." He called Gu Sheng and Zhu Zhao up. "Get up, get up and get dressed." Three people moved Ma Li Gu Sheng.
Fu Yuer came in with a smile. "Why are you still sleeping so late? You don’t look like a monk at all." Zhu Zhao complained that "you can’t even get up early if you sleep with the ancient fan paste." "Ancient fan paste?" Fu Yuer is now very interested in Gu Sheng’s nickname, and Zhu Zhao has exposed it. Gu Sheng, the old man, is very unhappy and gives him a sideways look. "What are you doing here so early?" Fu Yuer went to the three men with her hands behind her back. "The guide is here." "The guide?" Even Zhu Zhao asked, "Are you a guide? But didn’t the patriarch say to send us the best guide? " Fu Yuer said angrily, "I am the best guide!" She played in the ice field all day and traveled all over the surrounding snow-capped mountains and seas, which is really the best guide for the snow fox family.
Tell me where you are looking for. The guide was ignored and his tone became stiff. Gu Sheng said, "We don’t know exactly where we are looking for." He asked Fu Yuer again. "Did you say anything about going north?" Fu Yuer shook her head. "That won’t work." "What?" "It will get colder and colder if we keep going north. No one can give birth there. It is said that even immortals can’t." Gusheng affirmed, "We just want to keep going north!" Fu Yuer got up and said, "What else do you need me as a guide?" Gusheng quickly stopped her. "Don’t worry, we are not familiar with everything here. We naturally need you." Fu Yuer shook her head. "You don’t know what will happen if you keep going north. I don’t know what will happen. It’s dangerous!" "We are not afraid of danger" did not say that Fu Yuer Kenai looked at the three people and thought for a long time and suddenly said, "I have one condition." "What condition?" Fu Yuer didn’t say it immediately, but came to the door and looked out carefully. Gu Sheng said, "Don’t worry, no one is watching around." He Yuan Shen has checked the whole cave in an instant.
Fu Yuer still didn’t trust to carefully check it again and looked around the door for a long time. Only then did he trust to press the bass and say to them, "I will accompany you to take my sister away from here on one condition." Gu Sheng was shocked. "What!" Fu Yuer sighed, "Don’t you want to know what happened to Xianyuan Cave? This matter will start from Xianyuan Cave. "
"Fairy Cave is the sacred cave of our snow fox family. No one knows what it is like, but it is much faster for our snow fox family to practice and enter the country at the mouth of the cave than other ethnic groups, which makes other ethnic groups very jealous. Therefore, the snow wolf family keeps coming to rob us of Fairy Cave. Fairy Cave is the most mysterious in this ice sheet. Every spirit elder of our snow fox family is a person who serves Fairy Cave. When they have reached a certain level, they will never come out again, so no one knows where they have gone. Therefore, the spirit elder can’t have any affair. They are going to dedicate themselves to it.
Gusheng was surprised that the monks here were as "fascinated" as the wild natives!
"When I was very young, I followed a generation of Elders to learn spells. Before me, Sister Shuang Hui had been studying with Elders Yi Ling for several years. At that time, I was very young and didn’t know anything. I was very unhappy that my sister always beat me in spell practice, so I always held a grudge against her …"
The third volume Magic feelings Section one hundred and forty-nine Love wounds (continued)
? ? "A few years later, when I did everything, I couldn’t surpass my sister’s practice. I watched my sister praised by the old spirit elder again and again. My heart was gnawed by jealous poisonous insects day and night. I was so jealous that I was going crazy. Actually, thinking about it is the so-called thing. The old spirit elder has always praised the entry very quickly, second only to my sister. But at that time, I couldn’t understand these reasons. I felt that my whole generation would be suppressed by her. I must surpass her! My heart is dark, and all virtues and ethics are swaying … "When Gu Sheng heard this, his heart felt like a wheel was carved in a stone. He was worried that something would happen in the face, which would be a tragedy. His hundred-year experience told him that it would be a tragedy that people did not want to see.
Fu Yuer suddenly changed the subject. "We snow foxes have a method to speed up our spiritual practice, but it is very dangerous. Noble snow mang poison has stimulated our potential. This method has saved our race in several major crises in the history of the snow foxes, so we all believe in it. I said that this method is effective and effective, but I didn’t emphasize its danger. I didn’t know that at that time, I was so young and didn’t understand anything. I decided to try this method. I didn’t tell anyone that I secretly got a bottle of mountain snow mang. The venom has gone … The venom of Alpine Snow Mang is different from the general poison, it damages meridians, so it must be resisted by the real yuan, but I failed. The venom of Alpine Snow Mang was too strong, and I fainted because of the toxin erosion. "
"When I woke up, I was sitting next to my sister Shuang Hui. She told me that the fastest brother to practice is the Elders with a Spirit. Elders with a Spirit must be lonely all their lives and die in the so-called Fairy Edge Cave. She tried her best to practice in order to protect me, hoping to become Elders with a Spirit. So I wouldn’t go to her. Save me. I sucked my toxin and deposited it in other bodies, which blinded her. My sister likes to see flowers in the ice sheet. Every year, she has to travel tens of thousands of miles to the south to see flowers, but since her eyes became blind …" Fu Yuer
Fu Yuer adjusted her mood and looked up and said, "I can accompany you all the way north, even at the cost of my life, but you must promise to take my sister away from here after you come back and give her a new life and a happy life. Don’t let her stay here and end up in Xianyuan Cave-this is the only thing I can do for my sister. Do you promise?" Afraid that no one in this world can refuse, even if there is no exchange, no one can refuse Gu Sheng’s nod "OK, I promise you" without hesitation. Fu Yuer didn’t cheer like that, but smiled lightly and said "thank you" with relief.
They didn’t tell anyone where they were going, because all ethnic groups in the ice sheet thought that going north meant death. Don’t let the snow fox people worry about Gusheng. They didn’t tell the head of the snow fox family, including Fu Yuer. Zhu Zhao hesitated to hold Gusheng and didn’t say "I …" "What’s the matter?" Without looking at him, he said to Gu Sheng, "He doesn’t want to go?" Gusheng suddenly said, "You don’t want us to take risks?" Zhu Zhao bowed his head and said nothing. Gu Sheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Why are you so timid? People in the ice field think it’s death there, but it’s different for them. We are a hundred times taller than them. What are you worried about? " Zhu Zhao shook his head. "I didn’t mean that …" To be eloquent, once he met his brother’s feelings, he could not speak clearly. "I know what you mean. Don’t you just want us to take risks? But what is a friend? Can we still be friends if we can’t afford any risks? " Zhu Zhao looked up and dragged Gu Shenghe. "Anyway, you have to promise me that once there is danger, our horse will retreat!" His expression is firm and his tone is not negotiable. "Okay, we will grasp the discretion."
"Are you ready?" Fu Yuer has come. Three people smiled. "Ok, let’s go." Out of the cave snowfield, the whole snow fox clan came to see them off. In the white snowfield, there were hundreds of snow fox clan chiefs. They personally brought a glass of sake. "Drink this is our clan’s blessing!" The three men took it with a smile and drank the sake, but the ice snow made it clear, sweet and fragrant. It was a rare good wine. Zhu Zhao gulped it down with a lingering fragrance, but the wine bug in his belly was hooked out. He looked at the patriarch and wanted to beg for an altar. He felt that the parting scene today was somewhat inconsistent. Finally, he endured the pressure and longed to shrink to one side. A few people came behind him with a wave of his hand. The patriarch laughed. "The snow fox family has nothing to give you." Gusheng hurriedly refused. "This is not necessary. It’s very kind of the patriarch to We are also very happy to meet the enthusiastic snow fox family in this world of ice and snow. If we are friends, don’t be so polite. "The patriarch smiled." If I am polite again, it will be stingy. Well, you can accept a plate. "Gu Sheng asked." What is this? " The patriarch said, "This is the frost jade we have collected in the ice field from generation to generation." She unveiled a white silk plate neatly with four rows of sixteen pieces of blue jade of various shapes. It is crystal clear and chilly. This is a good thing. It is very rare in Ya country. Even in the sunset world, I can’t find such pure frost jade. I felt a regret in my heart that I just refused so many treasures.
Seeing Gusheng, they collected sixteen pieces of frost and jade, and the patriarch waved his hand and a group of people came holding jars. "What is this?" Gu Sheng asked the patriarch to smile "These altars are the snow drinking you just drank, and the rest are some foods. The three people have advanced skills and have already reached the realm of breaking the valley, but the habit of eating is always there, so it is not convenient to prepare some ice sheets for you to find food …" Zhu Zhao said with a big socket, "The patriarch’s predecessors are really considerate and know that I like drinking the most …" He happily picked up two altars of wine and smiled kindly, and Gu Sheng gave a hand to the Snow Fox people. " He bowed to the ground, got up and set up a multiplier with several companions, and flew north. He never saw Fu Shuanghui appear. There was something strange in the hearts of the three people. Anyway, the savior was leaving. Why didn’t he even send one? Fu Yuer saw three people unhappy. In fact, she was wondering why her sister didn’t come today. It’s strange that the grand ceremony was attended by my sister, who was bound to appear, and Niang didn’t send someone to call her. It was in such a confusion that it was formed northward.
Flying for dozens of miles with a multiplier, three people suddenly fell. "What’s the matter?" The guide asked Zhu Zhaoyan, "By boat?" Fu Yuer is a little puzzling. What kind of boat is this not the sea? "Hey, it’s still far from the ice sea. Even when you get to the ice sea, there are icebergs and you can’t take a boat." Zhu Zhao laughed. "Just wait for the strange little fellow villagers." Fu Yuer was furious and chased him in the snow. "Don’t you dare say I’m native!" The two men burst into laughter. Zhu Zhao wore a white hat. It turned out that Gu Sheng and Wei, who had been hit by Fu Yuer’s snowball, had released Zhou Shi. When they saw such a huge Zhou Shi Fu Yuer, they were surprised and said, "Is this it?" She went over and knocked "what a hard stone! Can you run? " Zhu Zhao lied to her, "If you can run for a while, you will see it. Here, here, and here, you can run like a horse with six legs!" Fu Yuer has never heard of such a strange thing and blinked his eyes. "Really? Really? " Gusheng three people laughed together. Fu Yuer Ma Bai came over and frowned. "Zhu Zhao, you lied to me again!" Zhu Zhao’s belly ached with laughter. "Haha, you are so interesting …" Gu Sheng pulled Fu Yuer to the front of Zhou Shi and pointed to a door and said to her, "Go in from here." "Here?" She is very surprised that this is a stone. How can she get in? She held out her hand and pressed it on that door. The whole palm didn’t go into that stone immediately. Fu Yuer was shocked and quickly drew back her hand. Gu Sheng smiled and walked in first. Fu Yuer heard Zhou Shi coming to Gu Sheng. "Don’t be afraid to come in." Fu Yuer was still worried and asked, "Can you really go in?"She walked in tentatively in a pile of questions, and the scene that covered up the brown and yellow flashed in front of her rose slightly and looked at her. Zhou Shi had everything and a lot of scenery that Fu Yuer had never seen before. She cheered all her life. "Oh, my God" and hurriedly looked around. Zhu Zhao and Wei also came in. Three people took their positions. Zhu Zhao shouted "Let’s go!" He deliberately increased his strength and Shi Zhou rushed out. Fu Yuer screamed and fell down …
However, this evil drama can be described as hurting others and hurting oneself. Fu Yuer fell right on him. When they were in close contact with Zhu Zhao, a delicate fragrance came to the sight. It turned out that Fu Yuer’s face was just stuck on the tip of his nose. Zhu Zhao’s face was red, and Fu Yuer was already up. Zhu Zhao was still dreaming. Fu Yuer knew what he was thinking when he looked at him. "Don’t think!" Zhu Zhao "cut! I don’t want to think about it yet. I’m also a treasure. You’ll give up if it’s already taken! " Fu Yuer a smile "you? Hey! " A full face of unbelief Zhu Zhao humbled hard scalp "yes, that’s what happened to me! Master, you’ve set up a fairy kiss now. Can’t you see it? " Fu Yuer was stupefied. "What do you mean, a fairy is a fairy?" Gu Sheng and Wei laughed together. It’s worthy that Zhu Zhao can think of such a noun. Zhu Zhao proudly told the story. Fu Yuer disdained, "Are you ashamed to ask friends to help you find you?" Unexpectedly, Zhu Zhao didn’t refute Mo Cao this time. Zhou Shi Fu Yuer knew that she had made a gaffe and hurriedly apologized timidly. "Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that …" Zhu Zhao smiled. "Haha, I won’t take it to heart." Gu Sheng didn’t say anything without looking at each other.
"By the way, you haven’t told me what you are going to do in that place," Fu Yuer asked Gu Sheng, while steadily outputting his real yuan. "We are going to find something that we really need now. Piggy just said that he must soar for a hundred years, otherwise we will talk about everything. This time, we are going to find something that will enable him to soar in a hundred years." Fu Yuer asked with great interest. "What is it really so good? Why don’t I try it?" Gu Sheng smiled as if all girls could arouse their interest at such a small price. "It’s a dangerous pig who has to take risks to get a wife. What’s the hurry? Isn’t there a husband waiting for you in the fairy world?" Fu Yuer’s face turned red and spat out Gu Sheng. Zhou Shi exercised smoothly like this. When there was a storm, he found a place to avoid a snowstorm. It was often the happiest time because four people hid in Zhou Shi to drink and eat meat and didn’t take care of Shi Zhouhai. Gu Sheng kept talking about some anecdotes. Sometimes they also talked about what they had seen in overseas seas. Fu Yuer was fascinated by the outside world of the ice sheet every time.
This day did not suddenly say, "Have we been in the North Ice Sheet for two months?" A few people have been away from the Snow Fox clan for a month, and it’s almost two months when you add the previous month. "How time flies!" Zhu Zhao said, "Two months is still one gain!" He shook his head and Gu Sheng encouraged him to "get nothing". The blizzard outside Zhou Shi blew the millstone-sized stones into the sky and slammed everything on the ground. The peaks with bad weather all the year round here were eroded by middle-aged snowstorms, like steamed bread tops, and Zhou Shi rose behind a steamed bread top. They hid in Zhou Shi and didn’t notice that as the snowstorm gradually became smaller, a long blue ribbon was lingering in the distant sky.
The third volume Magic situation Section one hundred and fifty Flying disaster ()
? Section two hundred and four Flying disaster ()
After the snowstorm, there was a "bang" sound outside the boulder falling boat, and many of them smashed into the deep and vast Milky Way in Zhou Shi night. After everything calmed down, they had been in Zhou Shi for a few days and four people couldn’t wait to get out. "Ah!" Looking at the bright night star, Han Gusheng gave a sigh of admiration. The stars in the North Ice Field are clearer than those in the Ya country. Seeing that there are more stars, Fu Yuer looked up and looked at Zhongtian. A silver "color" horse was like a silver dragon hovering in the sky. "How beautiful!" Zhu Zhao praised, "I didn’t expect to see the stars so beautiful here. I looked at the stars every day before going to bed at Yanyu Peak, but I didn’t feel this way." Zhu Zhao shouted "Nothing" but no one answered him. It was a little strange. "I’m calling you. What are you doing?" As soon as he looked down at the north, there was a more beautiful scene "color" than the stars, and a blue color floated back to "swing" in the sky. "Oh, my God, look at it!" Gushi heard a shock in his heart, and three people thought of it almost at the same time and shouted excitedly, "Where is it!" " All three of them saw ecstasy from each other’s eyes. Don’t say that this is the animal farm of Xuansheng Xiandi in the far north. "Come on!" The three men ran back to Zhou Shi together, and Zhu Zhao pulled a handful of Fu Yuer who was still in a daze and asked, "What’s the matter?" "Let’s go"
Fu Yuer doesn’t know what’s going on. What’s the danger? He hurriedly followed them back to Zhou Shi. The Sony people were so excited that they started Zhou Shi Fu Yuer screaming and fell to the ground again …
Looking at the mountain and running to death is looking up to heaven? It doesn’t seem far away, but it took three days for them to urge Zhou Shi to reach the blue ribbon. All three of them were tired and came out of Zhou Shi to look up at the ribbon floating in the sky. At this moment, they looked at the score near their heads and felt that it was more beautiful, like the sea, blue and undulating in the sky, like the waves. "How beautiful!" Fu Yuer said, "Is this the place you are looking for?" Gusheng has been paying attention all the way, and nothing like black awn has appeared. It’s a pity that until now, nothing similar has been found that can take them into the world behind the ribbon. When it comes to the ribbon, Gusheng’s heart is cold. He knows that they can’t get into "we". Zhu Zhao suggested that Fu Yuer and Ma Yinghe took the lead in flying and looked up at the distance. The blue ribbon is getting closer and closer, and Fu Yuer was excited. The ribbon turned out to be a very strange gas floating in the sky like sand, like a veil. Fu Yuer endured it. But it’s too late for a blue "color" light to rush into Fu Yuer’s body. When she falls, Zhu Zhao hurriedly chases and hugs her. She falls to the ground and is injured. Gu Sheng taunts him in the face. "What are you worried about with the two of us in the face? Do you want to take the opportunity to have a hug? " Zhu Zhao’s face turned red very rarely. "Don’t talk nonsense about my kindness." Gu Sheng didn’t believe "What kindness can the weasel give to the chicken in the New Year?"
Zhu Zhao saved Fu Yuer for a "rescue", pinched people and tugged at their ears for a long time, but it didn’t work. Gu Sheng waved his hand. "Don’t take advantage of it." He looked up at the streamer in the sky and said thoughtfully, "Xuansheng Xiandi won’t be afraid that we can’t find his animal farm to set up such a road sign for us, will he?" I didn’t doubt "Confused" and asked "What do you mean …" I’m afraid there is another mystery. "Gusheng slowly flew to the sky and observed that the blue" color "streamers and blue" color "gases gathered together to form small grains as fine as sand. Gusheng had never seen any kind of gas that could form such a posture, and those sand grains staggered like a channel in the water …" What did you find? " Not also came. Gusheng shook his head. "No" He took a piece of fairy jade out of the ring and threw it into the blue ribbon. When he saw the blue light flashing, the fairy jade turned into a Pian Yu crumb and Gusheng shook his head. "Awesome!" It seems that Fu Yuer is lucky that the two of them returned to the ground. Zhu Zhaoyun melted a piece of ice water and poured it on Fu Yuer’s face. She woke up. "What’s going on?" Fu Yuer asked Gu Sheng and asked her, "What do you see?" Fu Yuer shook her head blankly. "I … I don’t know." She didn’t say that she didn’t see anything, but that she didn’t know what she saw. Gu Sheng didn’t pay attention to the word and nodded without any hope. "Let’s look around and find out if there is an entrance." "Looking for an entrance?" Fu Yuer smiled a little. "How can you get in without looking for the entrance?" Fu Yuer skid up, "there is nothing to stop here …"Before she finished the second step, she bumped into a shaped wall. "Bang!" Be bounced back Zhu Zhao a wry smile.
"What the hell is going on? As if you knew this would happen? " Gusheng they walked along the wall in front, and Fu Yuer quickly chased after them and asked Gusheng to answer her while constantly testing her hand. "Yes, we do know the reason here, but it’s long. If you let the pig tell you sometimes," Zhu Zhao’s mouth can’t help talking to Fu Yuer for a while.
He finished talking that the night had passed and a ray of morning light appeared on the horizon, but they still couldn’t find the entrance. Gu Sheng stopped and sighed. "Forget it, there can’t be an entrance." He didn’t give up and released his powerful Yuan Shen. He searched the wall to the maximum extent until he felt that he couldn’t expand the scope any more. He was a little dizzy before he took back his Yuan Shen Gu Sheng and asked, "How?" Without shaking his head, the three men were disappointed, and Yuan Shen was the most powerful among the three men, so Gu Shenggen didn’t try and couldn’t find the entrance. Even here, there was no place where everyone was depressed. The ball seemed to be deflated. "Let’s go back and find a way." When Gu Sheng was stubborn in his heart, he wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t find a way to search the whole sunset world and bring it here to help him make an entrance, but Gu Sheng didn’t grasp this way at all. I didn’t catch it. I didn’t feel unwilling and searched carefully. I released Yuan Shen again and again, but I failed again. Zhu Zhaodao said, "Go back to the bar. It was too long when we came out." He got up and walked towards Zhou Shi. Although everyone was unwilling, it was acceptable.
Zhou Shi once again took off from that magnificent blue ribbon.
A month later, they finally saw the snow mountain where the snow fox family lived. Fu Yuer came up with a strict plan in Zhou Shi to tell Gusheng three people, "You are ready for Zhou Shi at the top of the mountain at midnight tonight, and I will bring Sister Shuang Hui, and you will leave me when you receive her horse." Gusheng said, "I’m afraid she won’t come with us." Fu Yuer smiled cunningly and took out a jade bottle from her arms. "There is a very effective" fan "incense in it, and I will make her obedient to go with you. Three people nodded.
Zhou Shi landed a stone boat in Xuefeng, and you can see the Snow Fox Cave. At this moment, there is no one guarding the huge rock outside the cave. The four of them put away Zhou Shi and went to the cave together, but they haven’t reached the mouth of the cave yet. "Wait!" He stopped everyone and Fu Yuer wondered, "What’s the matter?" "What sound do you hear?" The other three people listened carefully to the strange sound coming from the cold wind, "It seems to be the sound of weapons". Without saying that Gu Sheng’s face changed color, he rushed to the cave mouth and was blocked by huge stones. Fu Yuer shouted that there was no response from Fu Yuer and she panicked. "Something happened!" Gusheng shouted "Flash!" Fu Yuer just let Gusheng split out a loud noise, and the boulder at the entrance of the cave split into five pieces and rumbled down to the entrance of the cave "dew", but there was a stone gate inside! Fu Yuer was so anxious that she was about to cry. "They blocked the door inside. Something must have happened." Gu Sheng was rude. The black light flashed and the magic knife was drawn out. "Clack" Two people cut an entrance in Shimen. As soon as they entered Shimen, a light "shot" came to Gu Sheng’s magic knife. A horizontal light "Zi" and "shot" were dissolved by the magic knife. Opposite him, there were a group of people with strange shapes. There were three snow foxes and five brothers lying there, surrounded by a large number of each other. After a big drink, the magic sword split into a black light, and a black dragon flew around the cave to deter the enemies in all directions. After the black light, there were not many enemies left on the opposite side. When the magic knife was powerful, people could stop the ancient sword and stand up and ask, "Who are you and why did you kill the snow fox people?" A few people across the street saw that he was so great that he dared not engage in war. He turned around and ran away.
Seeing that the enemy had retreated, the three snow fox clansmen shook and fell down together. Fu Yuefu Fu Da, who came in, hurriedly asked, "What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with your family?" She helped the three brothers and kept asking a brother of the Snow Fox clan to vomit blood. He said intermittently, "Yes, it was Fu Dian, he colluded with him, and the Snow Lion clan attacked us …" "Fu Dian!" Fu Yuer gnashed her teeth. "I knew this little man would be a disaster sooner or later!" When she got angry, she quickly ran to Gusheng in the cave. Not Zhu Zhao was afraid that he would have an accident alone, and hurriedly confessed the three men. After that, she hurriedly chased Gusheng. Remember Fu Dian, this man just came out of the heads of the cave and met that man. He always admired Fu Shuanghui. It seems that he hated it because of love.
They chased them down the cave, and almost every tunnel had fallen bodies of the Snow Fox clan. Those bodies died miserably, lying and standing, but they were nailed to the stone wall. Every body held a lance in its hands and fought until the last moment. In such a narrow cave, large spells could not be cast, and it was better to be timid here than to be a lance. It was more like a hand-to-hand battle than a monk’s battle. Looking at the tragic death of the clan, Fu Yuer’s eyes filled with tears. Her hands had turned into fox claws, and her slender sharp claws could not stop shaking, showing her.
The battle has come to an end. Judging from the corpse, Chengdu is a snow fox family. The result of the battle can be imagined. Until the heads of the cave, no one was found. Fu Yuer shouted that the fox’s claws crossed the stone wall and left three deep paw prints! She suddenly remembered something. She quickly turned around and ran in one direction, and passed through the caves, big and small. Without Fu Yuer leading the way, the three of them would have lost their way. They followed Fu Yuer for fear that they would not find her if they accidentally lost her. It was very hidden here, and they never saw the cave in front of the body again. Fu Yuer suddenly disappeared. Gu Sheng and the three people were frightened and hurriedly chased after her. They heard Fu Yuer scream "Mom!"
Three people hurriedly rushed to the cave and turned a corner. Suddenly, it became spacious. There was a huge cavern nearly 100 feet long hidden here. There were people everywhere. When they first came in, they saw that the shape and costume were strange. The whole cavern was surrounded by a person. That person was Fu Shuanghui, and a snow lion with a golden crown opposite Fu Shuanghui. He was surrounded by Fu Dian, who was holding Fu Yuer’s mother, the head of the snow fox clan. She seemed to have been seriously injured.
"Fu Dian, you traitor, let my mother go!" Fu Yuer shouted that Fu Dian despised her and ignored her, but said affectionately to Fu Shuanghui, "I will let her go if Sister Hui wants you to promise me!" Fu Shuanghui sighed with a faint sigh, "You betrayed the whole Snow Fox clan for your own selfish desires. Will the Snow Lion clan really fulfill the agreement with you?" "Yes!" He said in a hurry, "Chief Tianhua has promised me that he will fulfill his agreement with me!" Fu Shuanghui looked lonely. "What they want is just the fairy cave of the snow fox family. If they find the fairy cave, the horse will kill you and me …"
The third volume Magic situation Section one hundred and fifty-one Flying disaster ()
? Section two hundred and five Flying disaster ()
"No!" Fu Dian was desperate to shout, "Heavenly roar clan chiefs and their ancestors swore to me that they would keep their promises." At this time, the Snow Lion clan chiefs also came out and said, "Yes, Wang promised that he would abide by the agreement with Fu Dian to let you tell us where Xianyuan Cave is, and then let you two and your clan go." His loud voice made the whole cave buzz, and Fu Yuer pushed the Snow Lion clan to run to Fu Shuanghui. Fu Shuanghui sighed, "What are you doing back?" "I’ll save you!" Fu Shuanghui shook his head and said to Gu Sheng, "You’re here, too." "Well," Gu Sheng promised one or three people to walk over together. "I ask you one thing." "But take Fu Yuer away?" Fu Shuanghui gently nodded, "You must promise me." Gusheng didn’t speak. I don’t know what to think. Fu Shuanghui smiled sadly at the snow lion people. "Do you want to know where the fairy cave is? Okay, I’ll tell you, but you have to let the patriarch go first. ""No! " Fu Dianma refused, "What if I let the patriarch go and she doesn’t say it?" Fu Shuanghui said faintly, "Can I run alone?" Day roar thought once Fu Dian nodded Fu Dian also wanted to say that day roar a glaring Fu Diannai suddenly pushed the patriarch over Fu Yuer hurriedly caught her mother in her arms and burst into tears, but she didn’t respond at all to save the patriarch. "She’s gone …" "Oh, my God!" Fu Yuer was heartbroken and hugged her mother’s body and burst into tears. Fu Shuang was pale and Fu Dianlian urged, "Where is Xianyuan Cave?"Xianyuan Cave is the sacred place of the Snow Fox clan. Although it benefits the clan, only the patriarch, the patriarch’s heirs and the spiritual elders know where it is. Others don’t know "Fu Dian Shu Dian forgets their ancestors!" Her "sex" is quiet and elegant. It is already the most vicious words to say such a thing. It can be seen that her heart is extremely resentful of Fu Dian. She waved to Fu Dian for a move. "Come here" Fu Dian was stunned. "Don’t you like me so much? Come here …" Fu Dian’s heart was happy and hurriedly walked over. Fu Shuanghui’s lips were slightly moved, and a piece of blue light fell behind her, and the rock wall gradually changed.
Fu Shuanghui said, "Tianhou you want to know where Xianyuan Cave is, I’ll tell you it’s right here …" She stretched out her hand and pointed to the back. After she cast a spell just now, the ordinary rock wall turned into a green "color" wall, which was like a whole piece of jade, and the strong aura overflowed from that jade confirmed Fu Shuanghui’s claim that it was true, and her eyes stared straight at the fairy cave and even rose and said, "Good, good! Don’t worry, the king will fulfill his promise … "Fu Shuanghui suddenly reached out and hugged Fu Dian Fu Dian’s heart, and he was desperate to hold him tightly! Fu Shuanghui towards Gusheng "Take good care of her …" She has lost her eyes and put out dry and clear tears! An ominous premonition rose in Gusheng’s heart. Fu Shuanghui suddenly retreated and shouted, "Fu Dian, if you like me so much, please die with me!" Which green stone wall did they throw together? The stone wall swallowed them up like a bay of green lake. Fu Yuer screamed "Sister!" Then he rushed in, and Gusheng took a look back at the Snow Lion clan without pulling, and shouted, "Get out of here before I come back or I’ll be killed!" As soon as he turned around and got into the fairy cave, Zhu Zhao did not hesitate to get into it. Looking at this sudden change, Fu Shuanghui would rather die to punish the rebellion in the clan. Everyone died at the moment, leaving the fairy cave of the snow lion clan. He said that he had heard that he had gone in and didn’t come out, but Gu Sheng didn’t take the last sentence to heart. Anyway, the snow lion clan won a big victory and seized the celebration of the snow fox clan for three days and three nights!
Gu Sheng got into Xianyuan Cave and felt a huge suction pulling him forward. This huge force tore his back as if it were about to disperse. The pain was surrounded by a strange blue color. Small particles roared through his ear and crackled, causing his cheeks to ache. Fu Yuer was not far in front of them, while Fu Shuanghui and Fu Shan were out of sight. At this time, Fu Yuer suddenly had an epiphany and struggled to team up behind Gu Sheng and shouted, "I know, I know what I saw. We are in that blue color." It’s true that it’s hard to find a place with broken iron shoes. I didn’t think that the fairy cave of the snow fox family is the passage leading to the animal husbandry field of Xuansheng Xiandi. Should he be happy or worried?
I don’t know how long it took before the whistling sound in my ear suddenly disappeared, and then Gusheng felt that he had fallen from the sky. "Plop" fell to the ground and covered with thick soft grass, which didn’t hurt at all. Two rings of Zhu Zhao and Wei around Gusheng also fell. "Ouch!" Zhu Zhao called a place where he had the worst luck to fall. There happened to be a protruding stone. Fu Yuer climbed out of a bush not far ahead and stumbled over. He kept asking, "Where is this place? How can it be like this?" Gu Sheng looked around at the sea as blue as grass, tall trees and distant mountains as blue as the sea. Here is a batch of blue world. Here, the blue color replaces the green color that symbolizes life. Both plants and animals are blue. He lamented, "This is the animal farm of the fairy world!"
Fu Yuer suddenly screamed "Sister! Where’s sister? I’m going to find my sister … "She ran away quickly and Gusheng hurriedly recovered." What are you doing? How can you find her with such a glance? " Before sitting cross-legged, Yuan Shen searched a wide range in an instant, and soon he opened his eyes. "Come with me!" He flew towards a mountain not far away, and the other three people hurriedly followed him in a short distance. Soon, there were two people lying next to a boulder on the blue "color" mountain peak. Fu Yue ‘er recognized at a glance that it was Fu Shuanghui, who was leaning against the boulder not far from Fu Dian. "Sister!" Fu Yuer hurriedly rushed to Fu Shuanghui and barely opened his eyes. "Why are you here …" "I came to see you. You don’t worry that I will definitely miss you!" Fu Yuer put Fu Shuanghui’s righting palms on her vest, and a demon yuan was output. Fu Shuanghui’s spirit vibrated. "Don’t waste your energy to come here. None of us can leave your demon yuan." Gu Sheng took out an elixir. "Eat it quickly." Fu Shuanghui smelled a fragrant fragrance. She smiled faintly and declined Gu Sheng’s kindness. "If you don’t give me a wave, someone will save me." Gu Sheng was suspicious. "What did you say?" "How much do I know about this fairy cave? Some masters told me that when I come here, someone will pick us up. Don’t worry, those people won’t let me die." Gusheng "Oh" suddenly understood that there is a connection between Xuansheng Xiandi’s animal husbandry farm. It seems that Xuansheng Xiandi will take them away from generation to generation, but Xuansheng Xiandi wants them to snow fox. In the sunset world, worshipping the holy immortal and the emperor’s animal husbandry is a powerful animal emperor to pull the chariot, but Xuansheng Xiandi wants power but not strong snow fox. What?
This is a distant sound of Fu Shuang-hui’s sad smile. You must not stop them from taking me away when they come. You are no match. Gu Sheng smiled. It’s not that they are coming. It’s that the know-it-all is coming. Hehe. Yan Fu and his little donkey appear in such a blue world. It seems very uncoordinated. Gu Sheng heard his hearty smile from afar. Hahahaha … After I like the name know-it-it-all, I stopped calling Yan Fu and changed my name to know-it. YanFu ha ha a smile "why not? My old man can’t remember what his name is. This Yanfu just made up a name casually. "Gusheng complained." Since you know what the entrance is, why don’t you tell me? We have to go through this in vain, "Yan Fuyan said." This is a process that you have to go through. I know a lot of things, but you won’t accept it if I tell you the result directly. "Yan Fu’s words have another meaning, but Gu Sheng is still not white." Then you should tell me where the snow silk is now? " Yan Fu looked up and pointed, "Where will it be soon?" Gu Sheng followed his hand and hoped to go to a majestic mountain in the distance. "I’ll go" Zhu Zhao flew over the mountain quickly. Everything would be simple if he came here-Yan Fu had already said.
Gu Sheng asked him again, "Know-it-all doyen, what do you think is a blue world here?"? What does Xuansheng Xiandi need a snow fox? He doesn’t graze here like he worships the saints and immortals, and the beast emperor controls the chariot, which will greatly improve his combat effectiveness! " Yan Fu said, "You sly bastard called me a know-it-all, not" forcing "me to answer. If I can’t answer, isn’t this name erased?" Gu Sheng Xi Xi smiled, which is actually what this means. Yan Fu coughed. "Well, I should tell you something about the celestial world again. Xuansheng Xiandi is a lover. He is crazy about the blue color of the fairy queen, and she especially likes the blue color of the sea. Xuansheng Xiandi is very loving to her. She has specially set up such a livestock farm here. In fact, she is here to visit Lingfei. It is full of navy, color, and Lingfei likes Yan color most. The world is very famous for pulling twelve snow foxes. Hehe, now it’s just this last one. "Yan Fu’s hand refers to Fu Shuanghui." I’m afraid she didn’t expect this last one to be blind. "Although he said something, he didn’t make people feel a little uncomfortable.
Gu Sheng hurriedly said, "Elder, please help us quickly. Get me out before they find out." Yan Fu ha ha smiled. "Are you not busy? These two are rare girls. I will definitely save you." Gu Sheng listened to his praise, and both of them agreed with him. It is true that the path is getting darker and darker. However, on the way to the demon, I occasionally have a confidant. Yan Fu seems to see what he is thinking and turned to ask Fu Shuanghui, "What is the achievement method of snow fox clan cultivation?" Fu Shuanghui also knew that this man was extraordinary and respectful in front of him and replied, "It’s a Taoist tactic." Gusheng was shocked. "Aren’t you a demon?" "What happened to the demon? The demon can also practice the right direction. You don’t know." Yan Fu looked at Gusheng with strange eyes and lowered his head. I don’t know how many years have passed since he just became conscious. The whole life seems like a galloping carriage in his mind. The original demon can also be a monk! What about demons? Can he be a monk with a skeleton? If I hadn’t thought I couldn’t cultivate, would I have chosen a noble and decent family? It was such an idea that changed his whole life!
"The Tao is natural, and the unity of nature and man can be all-encompassing. It is not that the devil chose you, but that you chose the devil yourself. Can you be white now?" Every word of Yan Fu’s words is like a heavy hammer, knocking on the ancient mind, making him go to a concept as solid as a mountain peak, and the concept collapses instantly. "You can also choose the Tao that will not abandon you and have your own alienated Tao …"
Gu Sheng’s heart gradually leaned toward the Tao, and his eyes gradually became clear and melted into the gloom. Yan Fu was overjoyed when he saw that he was about to succeed, but he was about to speak out and persuade him, only to drink "purple second child!" The surrounding scenery suddenly receded, and everything became hot and dry. A black light rose from the ancient feet. "You have gone too far!"