Randall made another salute and strode to Ponte. Jacques helped the injured Marcus back to Garland, and Vongol returned to the array with the injured Zeke Fred.

Randall drew his sword and symbolically pointed it at Adia, but Adia did not move at all.
Jacques, kill this ungrateful captain, said Adia
Jacques fought again in Garland, and there was such a cowardly act.
The Garland camp once again sounded the slogan of God War, which helped Randall lose his partner. Jacques root was no match for Randall. His huge sword was almost a heavy weapon in front of Randall. If Randall could not finish it, his solid footwork made Jakes have no chance to attack.
In seven rounds, Jacques was hit hard in the chest by Randall. This sword stabbed deeply, and the heavy swordsman lost the possibility of fighting directly.
Kwachet solidified his nerves and looked at the battlefield. The slogan of God War came one after another. At this time, he launched a war of men. That was to admit defeat. Kwachet turned his head and looked at his lieutenant Nelson Ma. He knew that he had rushed to the position with his pike.
King of cowardice and rebellion, you have been sending some little guys to fight with me today. Do you know if the opponent of Long kopis is afraid? Kwachet also wants to stimulate a Yusis. I think you were badly hurt in the southwest mountain battle.
Yusis consciously touched his elbow. In fact, his elbow was badly injured in that battle. Although he reluctantly participated in the miracle war in July, it was so difficult for him to raise a sword and even chop people at that time. From this aspect, Kwachet was not wrong
But in the scene, Yusis must not show weakness. He symbolically raised the gold. Rapier seems to be boasting about his own strength. He insisted on his own injury and said that Randall Fred Deacon is my future son-in-law and the royal family of Garland. Maybe he will inherit the gold and Rapier. If you can’t even win, why should I be the front man?
Although Yusis said this to Kwachet, the biggest reaction was the two kings around him
Randall didn’t realize that this sentence would push him to the forefront in the future
Chapter 17 Manipulating Hallows Wizard
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Nelson has been in front of Randall in the battlefield, and the sun is approaching noon, and the sun shines brightly on the earth, no matter whether people in the earth need so much heat or not.
God War, a heroic fighting method, has always been praised by the Covenant mainland. Tens of thousands of people are watching and defeating enemy generals in the battlefield. Almost every bloody man will have a similar dream.
Randall still symbolically raised his sword and pointed it at his opponent first, which was his ritual. He was more or less superstitious about such a white field.
The battle began without it.
Although Nelson is the lieutenant of Kwachet, he is also one of the best in Ponte in terms of the number of guns. Randall never despises his opponent and is used to fighting. When he attacks, the fighting rate is very fast.
Long swords and spears were woven together several times, and both sides shouted and collided with weapons to ripple in the battlefield.
In the position, Leon didn’t really fight in the battlefield at this time. His eyes were always on Kwachet’s side. Adia’s body was just a magical attack that made Leon reflect on today. Maybe it would seem that he didn’t care enough for his friend Randall, but Leon couldn’t pay attention to himself. Leon seemed to have decided that this talent was his goal, and his eyes never left him.
Randall slowly gained the advantage in the battlefield. Randall inertia impenetrable defense offensive disintegrated the opponent’s attack. Randall studied all kinds of weapon routines in depth. Once he explored the opponent’s general combat effectiveness, Randall exhibited appropriate tactics and counterattacked. This late-comer fencing style is also closely related to his steady personality.
Nelson seems to have a unique skill. Generally, he stabs a pike with a wind blade, and he can sweep a lot with a sweep. Randall injects a firm but gentle sword into his sword, and at the same time, both sides recruit firm but gentle to hit the wind blade violently.
Randall saw the opportunity. Before he dragged the sword, he calculated the distance. The sword swept away and stabbed Nelson’s shoulder. Nelson tried to lead Randall to attack with the pike length, but Randall suddenly jumped to the side. The pike passed through Nelson’s armpit and there was no defense against the sword. Nelson could just jump back to the pike and tiptoe and bounce back. Although it didn’t pierce his shoulder, the firm but gentle wave swept him heavily.
This blow allowed Randall to establish an advantage. Randall took advantage of his opponent’s passive sword to storm Nelson everywhere.
Kwachet frowned. He once met Randall outside Paster, but at that time he was not very impressed by what the Dragon Knight Wan Qi looked like.
It was that chick Fred years ago, and now there’s another Randall Garland. What a talent, Kwachet whispered
Adia, the closest to him, heard the words. He twisted his neck and looked at Kwachet. Kwachet was also attracted by him and turned to look at him. After two people made a subtle look, Adia nodded.
The movement of two people in a row was not noticed by others, but Leon, who had been staring at Adia, saw it really. Leon secretly dumped cutting and Lance secretly got closer to Leon. When two people understood each other, no one else could understand it.
Lance, if I say that I have a bold plan now, will you help Leon ask a very special question?
Your plan is always bold, Lance replied airily.
I think I may have found the secret of the Hallows. Leon told Lance in the lightest voice.
To watch the battlefield, lance was also attracted by this sentence, and his face showed that you said it was true.
Leon pointed to the battlefield and said that it may not be possible to explain it in that detail now, so you just have to play it by ear.