Jiang He smiled, not that he didn’t tell him, but that his brother-in-law Chu Feiyuan was considerate and helped him hide the old man.

The old man was dazed for a moment when he saw Song Anqiao. Eating fast and chanting Buddha for so many years was his daughter’s atonement, but now she still dare not face the Song family’s mother and daughter.
Song anqiao was natural and graceful and called a grandmother.
The old man listened to the eyes slightly moist sound trembling should be a.
It’s good for a generation to end up hating in their generation. Don’t continue to experience the world turmoil. Song Anqiao still has good intentions
"Elder sister, I’m satisfied with your health and recovery." Jiang He sat on the bed and sounded sincere.
Song Anqiao hugged Jiang He and patted him on the back. "You must be able to walk before the little rice cake can walk. Your uncle is going to take her out to play."
Jiang He’s eyes are bright. "I have to be a good uncle who is kind and close to the people. I’m sure the children will stick to me then."
Song Anqiao’s lip angle is bent up and he smiles. "I don’t want to stick to you and others."
"Gee," Jiang He showed off in an ostentatious manner. "Sister, are you already in my charm?"
Song Anqiao slightly lowered his eyes and smiled and acquiesced in Jiang He’s narcissism.
Here ChuFei far do a good job in the discharge formalities building to find Song Anqiao hear the sister and brother laugh cold handsome slightly mild.
Jiang He bid farewell to the two men and walked out of the hospital. Chufei went away and Song Anqiao waited quietly outside the parking lot.
A young man riding a bicycle and wearing a helmet came rapidly from the opposite side of her. Song Anqiao’s heart was suddenly surprised and hurriedly dodged the moment and the bicycle dropped a package.
"Hey, you dropped something!" The package fell at Song Anqiao’s feet, and she could shout out loudly.
The youth didn’t hear the speed of the car disappear in the blink of an eye.
Song Anqiao looked stupefied for a while and was ready to bend down to pick it up when Chu Fei drove the car over.
"Not far away, a young man just dropped this parcel." Song Anqiao looked at the car door and pointed to the ground. "Let’s go and give it to the police first."
Song anqiao bent down to pick up the parcel, which was a rectangular carton with a mailing list but no address.
The carton was not sealed, and Song Anqiao picked up the contents and fell out.
Song Anqiao frighten shout loudly a hurriedly throw away the carton ChuFei far eyes suddenly sank quickly behind her.
A cockroach about the size of seven index fingers was stuck to a doll with two missing arms and a broken leg.
Some cockroaches are dead, some are struggling to wriggle, but the glue is strong and sticky, and they can’t be stuck and broken free.
Song anqiao looked at the blanched hands and clenched Chufei’s far arm, hiding behind him and afraid to look again.
The baby’s head is smeared with red liquid, which looks very much like blood boil, making people’s hearts stand on end.
Chu Fei’s face is getting ugly every second, and his cold eyes seem to be frozen and chilly.
"Brother, let’s go." Song Anqiao was afraid and couldn’t help shivering.
Chu Feiyuan turned around and hugged her in a low voice. "Don’t be afraid that it’s someone else’s bad drama, so don’t pick things up."
Song anqiao dared not "well". This time, she remembered it for a year.
Cockroaches. She’s most afraid of creatures.
The people who do this evil play are too wicked.
All day long, Song Anqiao was sluggish and full of cockroaches. As soon as she closed her eyes, she felt those cockroaches stuck to her.
The old lady unwittingly asked her mother to wash the grapes and patted Song Anqiao sitting on the sofa in a daze.
The frightened old lady immediately turned pale when she beat Song Anqiao. "Oh, don’t come here!
Chapter 251 It’s too hard to serve
The old lady froze, withdrew her hand and asked, "What’s wrong with Big Jojo?"
Song Anqiao returned to God’s palm and scratched his head coldly. "Grandma, it’s you. I’m fine. I’ve been in the hospital for a long time, and some people don’t adapt."
The old lady frowned and her eyes showed disbelief in Song Anqiao’s words.
Song anqiao embarrassed to find an excuse to rest in the building.
The old lady didn’t trust to call Sun out of the room. "Did you quarrel again?"
Chu Fei looked down. "Grandma, can you look forward to your grandson?"
"What happened to Big Jojo?"