Poor movement

Don’t say that it will be the same after more than 300 years, and it will be the same after 1000 years.
Even if the earth is destroyed and the scientists and uncles launch it, the satellite will continue to circulate in the vast universe.
Suluo really doesn’t care how much money a broken record giant has, especially for these so-called record giants, considering how many people are sick of holding a birthday song in the hands of former Warner Records.
When did suluo care about money? When he didn’t blink, he dumped it and bought a big house. When he didn’t care, the five-dollar bill was clamoring for death and refused to buy it
Look at the right person, no matter what music is very unprofitable, and you don’t care if you send it.
I don’t care who you are when I don’t see you right. If he really cares about money, he will learn from Warner Records in his previous life. Holding a birthday song is enough to eat and drink. If it’s not enough, add a Christmas song
Suluo is definitely not a saint, but if there is something, it should flow freely, but it is not an insult to say that money can be measured.
"Well, your heart is good," said Gao Kenai.
"But it is estimated that there is one thing you can’t hide from Adelaide. People even said at today’s press conference that you didn’t promise on the spot because he didn’t understand China’s master system. It’s because he is not sincere enough. Anyway, he is dead and wants to learn from the master."
"His identity is a little special. It’s easy to find you. If you can’t hide, you still want to accept a piano king as an apprentice."
"I said hello before, and people will arrive late. I guess you can’t even do it if you don’t want to."
Brother Bao rubbed his head and then said, "Baby, you want to be a teacher elder sister."
"Hey, don’t rub people’s heads." Tang Yike stamped his feet carelessly.
"Yes, dear, respect the elder martial sister. You are the oldest today."
Brother pao squeezed cosette’s tender face again and slipped away quickly.
"What do you mean, Master?" My little foot kicked away the uncle who hated the cannon and asked me.
"Big teacher elder sister is"
"Then I want to be a big teacher elder sister."
Suluo has a terrible headache. Oh, what is it?
Come if you don’t want to. I’ll take it if I really want to learn from you. Anyway, Tang Yike seems to want to be a big sister.
DreamWorks feast is being prepared. Today is baby Yike’s fourth birthday. Everyone has let go of things. Besides, it will be a long time before Tang Yike’s horse will go home and come back.
This is the most important thing. No one in DreamWorks will care too much about other things outside. It is better to spend more time preparing gifts for Yike. The baby is still hiding nothing. I am chatting with Tang’s mother and chatting with Tang’s father.
The knife came early and moved the team of chefs from his hotel. Aunt Wang of Dalian didn’t even look at it today.
Wearing sunglasses and commanding the field.
"Why are you doing so much? Don’t we just eat so much?"
"Brother Che is willing to let you take care of me."
"all right"
If you have money, go back and hide and prepare gifts for your precious apprentice.
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Little teacher younger brother two virtues
"Guess who I am"
Hiding in the piano room, preparing a gift, suluo was suddenly blindfolded. This sound is obviously Xia Han’s feel. Can you guess?
"Left hand Gong Yu and right hand Xia Han"
Look back and stare at the two girls. Stop it.
Gong Yu’s big eyes blinked. "What are you doing secretive?"
Suluo hey hey smiled and said, "Give the baby a few piano elementary lessons and play basic etudes for her."
"Can you be a little innovative? A pile of broken paper is not bound well. It’s boring. I’ll find a cosette to play with." Xia Han ran away as soon as he saw it was a piano tutorial
"What songs are there for me to see?" Gong Yu was interested in it and started to turn it up directly.
"Preliminary tutorial 599 smooth etudes 49 fast etudes 29974 are all made up by yourself?"
Gong Yu was shocked. It’s too heart-warming.
Suluo, touch your nose. I want to say it’s Cherny’s great god key. Do you know Cherny? Don’t beat your heart and clap your chest.
"Yes, it was made by the Great God himself."
"I want the same one," Gong Yu held out his hand. "You haven’t written me an etude."
"Oh, why do I practice this when I’m good at your level?"
"I don’t care. I want you to write me a difficult question."
It seems that Adelaide was so excited that he felt the gap with the world’s first class. He didn’t good the spirit and slapped a palace feather out of his palm.
"How come there is no piano stool for you? There are twelve superb songs in that pile. Go, brave girl, I hope you are not crazy."
What do you mean, "I hope I’m not crazy"
"Play it once and you’ll understand. I’m leaving. May the emperor be with you, dear window." Go and wrap the gift box somewhere else.
"By the way, please call the master dean for me and ask him to come over later."
"I don’t want you to fight yourself."
"Well, I’ll call Brother Bao to pick him up."
Brother Bao’s information is wrong. Adelaide didn’t wait until late afternoon. It’s not necessary for Brother Bao to come with his master.
Adelaide incredibly still carrying celery, lotus, red beans, red dates, longan and other gifts, a face of piety and seriousness handed me a teacher’s post, which made suluo look stunned.
"I checked that China wanted to take these for the master’s ceremony," Adelaide continued, scratching her head and giggling.
"Celery means being diligent and studious, being proficient in diligent lotus, painstakingly educating red beans, and being lucky and shining."
Adelaide said that suluo was dumb and did a good job.
"Did you check the information and say that you would give Master three kowtows and then kneel down to present a red envelope?"
"Yes, I have a red envelope. I’m ready," Adelaide said, fumbling for a red envelope in her pocket.
Suluo thorough language
Oh, my god, big brother
Are you serious?
Is it so grand?
Master patted suluo shoulder close to the ear and said