Deliberately angered the other party and let him release Qi Qi. Chen Han immediately judged the true cultivation of Hector, and his heart was finally more secure.

In the divine world, if it were not for the existence of the core high-level of various forces, it would be impossible to pose a threat to him, and Hector is obviously not qualified to be included in that level.
"Not satisfied?" Chen Hanwei smiled and hooked his finger.
"You want to die!"
Hector is too lazy to waste his breath with him, or he doesn’t think that he can take advantage of his mouth and the best way to make the other person shut up is to beat him speechless. He firmly believes that force is the most effective solution to various problems, but this concept is exactly the same as Chen Han.
In the face of the magic feather Teng dragon, who are you afraid of when you fight alone?
As a race that claims to be king by virtue of the dragon’s fame, they don’t have the mentality and fighting skills of sacred products, and they don’t have powerful sacred objects. Based on these two points alone, the magic feather Teng dragon’s single combat power is weaker than that of Chen Han’s one-on-one hit in the banquet.
If at the beginning of Helu, these two aspects were weaker, and Chen Han was absolutely sure to win, what’s more, the guy in front of him only had the early days of the emperor?
The best fairy-level tomahawk rolled up a piece of purple and black horse, and with the potential of Wan Jun, it split up toward Chen Han, and Hector released the grudge to the limit.
Flocculant and Ling screamed at the same time. The two sisters were ready to rush to rescue at the same time, but they were firmly grasped by Princess Yun one by one.
"Mayer brother …"
Different appellations are aimed at the same person. Even if Ling is naive and ignorant, she is only equivalent to a Terran ten-year-old child, but she also knows how to divide the realm. The two sisters know very well that Chen Han is just a small bucket Sect, and no matter how talented he is, he can never be an opponent of the early bucket emperor with excellent talent.
Booming …
Tears rolled down the corners of the eyes of the two sisters. One was for the best playmates. Ling had already regarded Chen Han as a good friend, but she had different feelings in her heart. She knew that the feeling came from the love between men and women, and she knew that it was a feeling that was hard to give up.
"Your brother is much better than you. He fought with me for a long time, and you couldn’t even take a move. Alas … do you dare to fight with me for this kind of cultivation?"
The familiar voice floated to my ears, and when the gorgeous light and shock wave disappeared, the cry of flocculant turned into tongue-tied shock.
Chen cold only took three steps back, but a moment ago, Hector, who was murderous, didn’t know where to go. It was not until Flocculant followed the screams that he found that Hector’s figure crossed the encirclement. Up to now, he could not hold his body upside down, still flying more than a thousand meters, and he kept spraying blood while flying one-sidedly.
Only one handle of the tomahawk was held in his hand, and the rest was broken into pieces, and his hand holding the handle of the axe was twisted at an odd angle, so that a discerning person could tell at a glance that all the bones were broken.
The audience was shocked!
The magic feather Teng dragon has little contact with the outside world. Chen Han went back to Francheng to kill two bucket emperors with one punch, which was discovered in a short time, so they didn’t know the true cultivation of Chen Han. Found his identity, or because this forty years, * * * * * * influence has already spread to the outside of the empire and the principality of Defly, they only vaguely from the outside world to the consortium behind the boss’s description, vaguely associated with Mayer this person.
Forty years ago, he was just a small middle-term fighter. Now how can he hit a heavy blow and increase his talent to a big level in the early stage?
Chapter 811 Kill on the spot
What is his realm?
The most frustrating thing is that when Hector has been hit hard by a blow, no one has seen the true cultivation of Chen Han until now, because he just used pure power.
The pure physical strength surpassed the initial stage of the growth of a big realm, which made the magic feather Teng dragon, who has always been strong in physical strength, feel embarrassed.
It is precisely because he only used power, and power is something that can’t be seen or touched. Without the strength and purity of energy as a reference, it is impossible to see the real state by other means unless he is a big state higher than himself.
As the existence of the emperor in the early days, who is higher than him in the scene?
Hughes’ face was full of shock at first, and then it was unspeakable hot. He even didn’t believe his eyes. What did he see?
The combat knife in his hand is clearly a sacristy!
And his armor, are all HarmonyOS magic, and, more importantly, from the lighter he just used, it can be seen that it is a very powerful technique of melee, which is more powerful than the royal HarmonyOS lighter. Is it the legendary holy lighter?
Since the lighter he uses is a holy class, it is almost predictable that he must have cultivated the holy class center method, which is what the magic feather Teng dragon lacks.
If we can get these sacred products and techniques, and then take his sacred piece as our own, whether strategically or tactically, the strength of Magic Feather Tenglong can reach a new level.
For example, since the magic feather Teng dragon’s strongest center method and lighter is HarmonyOS level, in order to achieve the most fundamental centralized rule, HarmonyOS level center method can only give the royal family and the householders of each family practice, while others, even the family clique, can only practice the best center method.
If the royal family gets the sacred mind method, the HarmonyOS-level mind method will not be so precious, and it can be popularized to a greater extent.
In this way, from top to bottom, the whole ethnic group can fully upgrade to a higher level on the basis of the original.
"Razer, as long as you hand over the sacristy and the art of fighting, the king can not pursue your sneaking into his own clan, how?"
Since Chen Han can deal a heavy blow to Hector in the early days of the emperor, it means that his realm must have reached the realm of the emperor. Some of these people may be able to kill him, but it is simply impossible to capture his memory alive. The role of the Hallows is tactical, and its role is far less than that of the same level of art and fighting skills. After all, art and fighting skills have made countless people practice, and killing him can only get the Hallows, which is not worth the loss.
Chen chilling knows that he can’t be good today. If he tries to hide all his abilities, he can be described as ten deaths and no life. Conversely, if there is no more hiding, that is another way of saying it.
Can you still hide it now?
No way!
Took a deep breath, eyes swept around the people, and found that they were just besieged and did not form a war. Chen Han shook his head helplessly and sighed: "In fact, the purpose of my sneaking into the magic feather Teng dragon is to plan for the future of * * * * * * *, trying to have a certain influence in the magic feather Teng dragon, to escort the development of * * * * * *, or to achieve a goal.
"If I take you now, not only the things on you belong to your own family, but even * * * * * * belongs to your own family. Do you still need cooperation?" Hughes gave a greedy smile.
"Wang, maybe we should listen to him." Fierce suddenly said.
"Lie, cooperation is to share with others, and now it is an opportunity for our family to get everything. Which do you think is more beneficial to our family?"
"Father, Razer is a benefactor of his family. You can’t do this!" Cried the flocculant nu voice.
"The interests of our own people are above everything else!"
Hughes glared at him angrily and shouted, "Xu, you keep defending him, don’t you forget that the interests of your own family are everything?" Don’t … you fell in love with this human? "
Falling in love with this human?