"Miss she did come" Wu low way.

Warm shook his head with a wry smile. "Come and come is a blessing, not a curse, but a curse."
Compared with others, the dignified expression is magical and vaguely excited, but it is well concealed by him.
The referee made a brief introduction and said that Qin Keqing’s name represents the temporary court of Zhengjiawu Stadium, because the original player was ill and was ordered to participate in the competition again.
Everyone believed in this statement, but they smiled meaningfully.
Qin Keqing’s match against Qingyun is a female brother with good strength. Although she can’t compare with Jiang Se, she is also a leader. Handa is ready to squeeze into the top three figures.
Anyone would take it seriously, but Qin Keqing obviously didn’t put the other side in the eye with a relaxed face, which made the opponent feel humiliated and took the lead in attacking. Qin Keqing took his time to face a few moves in the past and stood tall and low.
Obviously, Qin Keqing is better.
The audience cheered, boiled and excited. It turns out that the beauty is not only high in value but also high in martial arts. It looks good, and a fist and a kick are all beautiful like a painting.
Not to mention that Qin Keqing’s unique gorgeous style is a fatal temptation.
Field, field are faint restless.
A Dai see very uncomfortable can’t help but whisper "this is to steal the show? Hate! "
Some people in the judges’ box were even more upset when they looked at this scene, that is, Handa’s face was already a little embarrassed. He asked Zheng Changgong coldly, "How can the owner of Zheng Pavilion be willing to hide until now with such a good brother?"
Zheng Changgong’s face is actually not very smug. It would be nice if he hid his brother. "Isn’t it wrong for the former owner of the Korean martial arts school to say that every martial arts school has a housework and a killer?" This is not a surprise for you? "
Handa sneered, "Are you surprised and happy?"
Zheng Changgong also pulled up his lip corner coldly. "Some people are happy, others are worried. This is helpless. Who calls it a game now?"
Handa didn’t speak again and kept a close eye on Qin Keqing. Her martial arts routines became more and more familiar. Isn’t this the low-key female master routine? How come? He took out his cell phone and sent a message.
Soon he received an answer with the words "I saw it"
"Do you know each other?"
"I know that she is the adopted daughter of my master."
"So even Janssen is no match for her?"
"… that you have what way? There is not much hope for the men’s team to win the championship. It’s hard to explain to the young master if we lose the women’s side again. "
"I see."
After the information conversation, Handa felt a little relieved. Even though Qingyun’s younger brother has been knocked down, he has not lost his manners. He believes that the female master may be able to find a way. She is a person around the young master.
The audience cheered and was even more excited and enthusiastic when Qian Nianmei won the game. Qin Keqing bowed with great grace and took another look at the warm position when he thanked the audience.
Warm picked his eyebrows.
Today’s game is over, with 34 men and six women drawing lots again, waiting for the day to come.
On the way back, Qi Nianmei called and sounded very excited. "Warm up, I am so lucky that I want to cry. The opponent is actually the weakest of the six people. Hey, hey, hey, do you think this is God’s help?"
Warmth is also happy for her. "That’s good. Have a good sleep tonight and go straight to the finals."
"Well, I’m very happy today. I’m really happy to be beaten and I’m happy that I don’t feel pain all over …"
"Well, I’m happy to read my eyebrows, too. You’re so handsome today. I’m so proud."
At that end, Qi Nianmei choked up and cried and laughed warmly. She listened here and cried and laughed with her. Finally, Qi Nianmei smiled and shouted, "Warm your day and cheer hard for me. Don’t be afraid of losing face."
Car magic a face of abandon asked A Dai "you say she is stupid? What’s wrong with crying and laughing for a while? "
A Dai is convinced that "that is to say, a wry smile is not allowed."
"Really?" Magic doesn’t feel right
A Dai nodded heavily. "It’s either neurotic."
"You are neurotic, and your family is neurotic." Magically, I don’t like A Dai so much.