"Taojia has that thing to go in and out at will." Jiang Lan consciously broke a story and stared at her closely. "Of course, God’s family is more important."

Warm but still a faint look, she asked a sentence that made her angry. "What do you want to do with all this?"
Jiang Lan was choked with anger. "You don’t know?"
Warm shook his head.
Jiang Lan was short of breath and didn’t believe it at all. "How could you not know?"
She’s being so sincere, and the other person is still playing dumb. Isn’t that what she just said for nothing?
Warm and unhurried, she smiled and said, "Miss Jiang, would you not believe me if I said that my purpose is different from yours?"
Jiang Lan didn’t speak, but it was obvious that he didn’t believe it like them. Maybe he came to live in seclusion? Ha ha…
Section 29
"No common goal, no common goal, Miss Jiang, please" Warm Fujian.
"You …" Jiang Lan gnashed her teeth in annoyance. "Do you want to be with them because you don’t want to be with me?"
"You think too much."
"So … do you still want to go it alone?" Jiang Lan mocked the lip angle. "I tell you, don’t be naive. Where is your tribe? You can come and go if you want? No, you may have something to come, but you can’t go out without help. In that case, even if you get what you want, you can’t take it with you. Wouldn’t it be a failure in the end? "
"Thanks for waking up, but I never thought about taking anything with me."
Jiang Lan still doesn’t believe staring at her with a half-ring sneer. "In that case, I’m looking forward to your heart."
Warm, smiling and shallow, like a leisurely lotus, it is amazing for time.
Jiang Lan squinted and suddenly blurted out, "Did you sleep with those men from Shenjia?"
Warm and funny, shaking your head
Jiang Lan couldn’t believe it and asked, "How is it possible? They will let you go? " Such beauty is a man can’t resist!
Warm jokingly said, "Oh, maybe they didn’t look at me?"
When Jiang Lan was silent, he said, "You are so lucky!"
Looking at her back warmly and smiling bitterly, is she really lucky? On the first day I entered the tribe, I was recognized as a daughter-in-law. There was a mother-in-law and three fathers-in-law, and a beautiful man warmed his bed at night. During the day, there was little fresh meat to spoil and sell. Well, it seems like a good idea
Explain that yesterday’s advertising word Muhe was afraid of advertising a makeup, which saved hee hee. In fact, it is the sentence that you deserve. Is it familiar to all the girls?
In addition to warmth, there are three women coming in, all of whom have their own masters. So the question is, who is Mr. Wen?
A Lin Chuchu B Jianglan Qin Keqing girls actively use their brains to guess.
☆ Chapter 50 Cousin has the most love.
After Jiang Lan left, she sat on the soft couch and meditated for half a ring. She didn’t look at her mood. She has been living in Nancheng. Except for her close relatives, she knows that there is a big lady in the Wen family, but Jiang Lan knows it.
What is it?
Obviously, the other party is familiar with Wen’s family and has done some homework.
Then who sent her?
Warm eyes have vaguely guessed that the mysterious ancient medical skills and unknown rare herbs are the most coveted by outsiders in the tribe, and they have the power to compete with the Wen family’s big house
So she can think of only a few people.
I hope she is oversensitive because she is sad in her heart.
I went out in the warm afternoon, but I didn’t pester her much when I was busy seeing a doctor. She ordered a bird to accompany her, and gave a few thoughtful words to the effect that he would come back early and wait for her to go home for dinner together.
Warm didn’t nod, didn’t deny what look light away.
People around you gloated when they saw the boldness. "The daughter-in-law ran away and didn’t want you …"
The sacred half is not angry with gentleness but firmly believes that "the warm son will not. That is my destiny takes a hand’s wife, and no one can take it away."
"Fool again? Ha ha ha … "
"Hehe, wipe your eyes."
"Ow …" The man suddenly cried out in pain and bowed his head to see a silver needle plunged into his flesh. He stared at the somebody else’s koo expression and suddenly wanted to cry. How could he forget that he was seeing a doctor in somebody else’s hand? Sure enough, you can’t be too ostentatious.
Warm after leaving yiguang, I went to the place where I came yesterday. I was so excited that I called, "Young lady, do you really want to run away? Should I tell Dagong or tell Dagong?"
Warm smile way "welcome to complain"
I was so excited that "I don’t want it. I want to see the archduke slap himself in the face?"
Warmly think of that cargo’s promise, hook the lip angle and speed up the pace.
Far away, I saw the tree, and the two of them were looking anxiously at her. When they saw her, Fu Lei and Fu Yun couldn’t help but be excited and stepped forward. "Miss, you can come!"
Warm smile "Can you still get used to living outside?"
Fu Yun replied, "Thank you, Miss. We are all right, but Miss …" He looked at it with concern for a moment before carefully asking, "How is Miss?"