Avril Lavigne seems absent-minded.
The publicity activity in the afternoon was over, and she thought it would be all right. She began to plan a "prison break" in her mind-how she would escape the brokers, record companies and other people and sneak out of the hotel to find her uncle.
But who would have thought that the organizers suddenly came and said that they knew today was Avril Lavigne’s birthday and specially arranged a surprise for Avril Lavigne-they organized Avril Lavigne fans in Valencia and held a birthday dinner for her!
Avril Lavigne stared at the representative of the organizer.
When the representative saw Avril Lavigne like this, he thought it was really a surprise for the other party and smiled happily.
But then Avril Lavigne lost her temper with her agent and record company behind closed doors: "Nobody told me there was such a damn birthday party! I don’t need this bastard’s birthday! "
Agent Cliff Fabry and record company representative Ken Krongard have to face the rebellious girl’s anger.
The two of them looked at each other. They didn’t know why Avril Lavigne lost such a big temper. In fact, they knew there was still this birthday party, but the organizer specially informed them and asked them not to tell Avril Lavigne that they must give Avril a surprise at that time.
Birthday is a good gimmick, and the idea of celebrating birthdays with fans is great. Doing so can strengthen the adhesion of fans to Avril Lavigne and increase the number of fans of Avril Lavigne. So they didn’t stop it.
I didn’t expect Avril Lavigne to seem very dissatisfied.
And no one knows why she is dissatisfied.
Cliff Fabry advised, "It’s your eighteenth birthday, Lavin. This is a very important birthday … "
"How about eighteen? I can get married when I’m eighteen, right? Or can I drink? I could have done it long ago! " Avril Lavigne is still angry.
Neither the agent nor the representative of the record company understood what she was angry about.
Avril Lavigne knows very well that she is angry because she has already made an appointment with her uncle to spend her birthday together, especially her uncle’s 30th birthday.
Uncle said that in China, 30 years old is a very important age, because by the age of 30 people will be completely independent. So it is a very important birthday.
On such an important day, I absolutely have to be with my uncle.
But now she was stopped by a sudden birthday party …
If there were no uncle’s birthday, she would be happy to accept the kindness from the host.
But now she just wants to swear.
"This is obviously not on the itinerary. Can I refuse to attend?" She asked two people.
The two men looked at each other again. Finally, Cliff Fabry, her agent, stood up and said, "Er … Lavin, it’s just that you don’t have this arrangement in travel itinerary, because in order to surprise you … in fact, all of us have this arrangement in travel itinerary …"
"It means I can’t refuse to attend, right?" Avril Lavigne stared at her agent and asked.
Fabry nodded.
Avril Lavigne is adamant: "What if I have to refuse?"
At this time, Ken Krongard coughed, and then said, "Lavin, I advise you to get rid of those unrealistic ideas … If you refuse to attend, you will have to bear all the losses caused to the organizers. And most importantly, if you refuse to attend, a lot of negative news about you will spread the next day. This is definitely a damage to your personal image … "
In the end, Avril Lavigne came out with agents Fabry and Krongard and attended a birthday party specially held for her.
About fifty of her hardcore fans were very happy to see Avril dressed in casual clothes. When Avril smiled at them, some girls even cried excitedly.
The organizers are very satisfied with this effect.
Avril Lavigne’s agent and Clongard are also satisfied with this effect.
They finally succeeded in persuading Avril Lavigne for fear of scaring them.
Avril Lavigne wore a plain T-shirt and a pair of black denim shorts, and her colorful hair was tied into a ponytail. The whole person looked much more relaxed.
Give people a completely different image from the stage.