But now he must start training at once.

He said to the players: "I am not a conservative, I just choose the tactics that best suit the status quo." In my opinion, nothing is more important than defense for the team at present, so next week, we should focus on practicing defense! One-on-one, two-on-two, four-on-four … and even the whole team’s defense! Want to win? Don’t lose the ball yet! "
The players who were warming up looked up and looked at their new head coach with some surprise.
The coaches of the coaching staff also turned their heads to look at the winning team with surprise.
Getafe ranked second from the bottom among 22 teams in the number of goals scored this season, and only scored 28 goals in the 32nd League.
They didn’t score a goal in 16 games.
Therefore, whether it is fans, media or experts, they all think that the reason why getafe’s performance this season is so bad is mainly their poor attack.
No one blames too much for defense.
At present, getafe has conceded 44 goals in 33 rounds of league matches, which is not the most or the least in the Western League, and it is at the middle level.
They can’t see what’s wrong with this defense, so why should they spend a week focusing on practice?
If you want to avoid relegation, shouldn’t you strengthen your attack first? If you score more goals, you will naturally win. What does it have to do with defense?
No matter how good the defense is, you don’t concede a goal, but you can’t score. The best result is a draw. Can you avoid relegation by winning ten draws in a row and scoring ten points?
Isn’t this bullshit?
A group of people looked at each other.
Chang Sheng doesn’t explain much, but just signals everyone to train.
Defensive training, this thing, coaches are very familiar with, so it is not necessary to say that Chang Sheng, they all know what to do, but when preparing for training, everyone has some doubts in their hearts, and they don’t understand the significance of wasting time on it.
Even Manuel Garcia, who has the best impression of Changsheng, thinks Changsheng must have made a mistake.
As for Rudy Gonzá lez, who was always unhappy and victorious, he directly showed his disdain expression on his face.
But he works the hardest in training.
Because he decided that it was a waste of time and meaningless for Changsheng to do so. However, since Changsheng insists on doing this, of course, he should give full play to the role of assistant coach and cooperate with his work seriously and responsibly …
Anyway, it really led to the team’s demotion in the end, and everyone saw it. This is the responsibility of the winner, his decision, and it has nothing to do with himself.
Chang Sheng also trained with him. He stood on the edge of the training area with a whistle and observed the training. But he only watched it for a while, and then he frowned and blew the whistle in his mouth.
The whistle sounded, which meant that the training was interrupted.
Everyone stopped and looked at the dissatisfied head coach.
What they are doing is regional defense training, mainly in a 20-meter-by-20-meter area, where four offensive players take the ball to launch an attack, and then three defensive players defend. There is no limit to the means and methods on the defensive side, as long as there is no foul, whether it is a tackle, a physical confrontation, or a ball break around the front ….
However, Chang Sheng was dissatisfied with the team’s performance, and he felt lack of hardness whether it was tackle or physical confrontation. For example, when the defender releases the shovel, the attacker easily jumps up to avoid the tackle, and of course, the ball is lost. Or when the two sides have a physical confrontation, if the first collision fails to break the ball, the defender will give up and let the other side run past him …
He frowned and called assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez: "Is this the usual defensive training of the team?"
Rudy felt puzzled: "Yes, what’s the matter? Is there any problem? "
That’s how he usually trains. He doesn’t feel any problems and doesn’t understand why Changsheng has to stop blowing.
Changsheng frowned and said, "It’s too bad."
"What?" Rudy didn’t hear you clearly.
"I said too bad! This kind of training is terrible! Is this called defensive training? " Dissatisfied, Changsheng strode into the training area.
He ordered an attacking player, a midfielder named Francisco Javier Kalpio Pineda. When he introduced himself before, his eyes were full of disdain.
From the previous scan, this is an offensive player with excellent skills, but his physical confrontation ability is very poor. "Strong" is only thirty, "Brave" is extremely low, only twenty-five, and "willpower" is not so good, only fifty. But that’s it. When the defenders faced him, they only bumped into each other and let the other team pass.
What is this?