When Ronaldinho showed his talent to the fullest, during this period, AC Milan also got an attack opportunity.

However, Sepcenko’s single-handed ball was ruled offside, and Kaka’s long-distance attack missed again under the interference of canizares.
They missed two good opportunities to score goals.
After the game, when people resumed the game, they all thought that if Sepcenko’s ball was not offside, if Kaka’s long-distance attack shot was more accurate, maybe the final result would be completely different.
But how can there be so many ifs in a football match?
What you lose is what you lose.
And you will pay for your extravagance and waste!
After shrinking the defense, AC Milan’s midfield gradually lost power. Their midfielders include Seedorf, Gattuso, Pirlo and Kaka. But under the influence of losing the ball in five minutes, the performance was not very good.
Looking back at Villa’s goal now, we can see how important it was.
He gave a good blow to the murderous AC Milan! Directly knocked out the AC Milan generals who felt good about themselves, and they haven’t reacted yet.
In the 35th minute, Valencia launched an attack on the flank, Villarreal crossed the flank, the football drew an arc, and AC Milan goalkeeper Dida attacked! He’s going to intercept the ball directly from the air!
But when Dida, who was 1.96 meters tall, jumped high, his outstretched hand didn’t catch the football … The football passed above his fingertips!
Some unexpected Dida turned his head to look behind him. He was horrified to find that Valencia player Deco was rushing over, and then jumped … to the top!
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! ! Deco! Deco! Deco! ! ! Valencia leads AC Milan 2-0! The total score was tied at 2: 3! Valencia are only one goal behind! From three goals behind to one goal behind, Valencia only took 30 minutes! !” When Deco pushed the football into an empty net, the commentator of Spanish TV station went crazy because he realized that he might be witnessing the birth of a miracle with his own eyes!
"great! They look promising! They have hope! "
The commentator’s hiss was quickly overwhelmed by the huge cheers that broke out at the Mestalla Stadium.
Valencia fans are also convinced that their team is really likely to make a comeback at home!
At this time, the team needs their support and cheers with the loudest voice!
The audience shouted: "CHE! CHE! CHE! ! !”
This is the nickname of Valencia.
Changsheng swung his right fist into the sky when Deco headed the football into an empty net.
Come on, now is the time to witness the miracle!
He seems to be relatively calm, and no one around him can remain calm.
Although they are still behind in the total score, what is a goal behind for Valencia today?
They hugged and roared as if they had won the game.
Valencia players on the pitch are also celebrating crazily.
Deco had just climbed up from the ground when Ronaldinho dragged him to the ground, and then albelda, Reyes, Villa and others rushed over and pinned him to the ground.
The whole of Mestalla was like an earthquake, and the floor was shaking.
Not a single Valencia fan cheered on the team’s wonderful performance.
And Sohler’s expression on her face is even more embarrassing.
It stands to reason that he should cheer for the team’s second goal, because it means that his team has a hope of reversing AC Milan in the Champions League in China. But he can’t cheer for the ever-victorious victory.
But wouldn’t he look strange if he didn’t cheer?
People around you are cheering. They are the shareholders and directors of Valencia Club.
Jaime Oti, in particular, cheered the loudest, as if afraid that others would not hear him.
As the president of the club, it is right to cheer for the excellent performance of the team.
If he doesn’t sit, it will arouse suspicion.
In desperation, Sohler can only stand up and applaud with a smile on his face.
Seeing his applause, the manager Sanchez also stood up and applauded.
It’s just that neither of them looks very good.
The whole Mestallia was cheering, and Galliani felt even worse.
He felt as if he were sitting on an erupting crater, and his ass had been burned red.
He turned his ass uncomfortably, but it didn’t help him get rid of this feeling.
AC Milan’s advantage is only one goal.