"white-eyed shark"

Qiuyuan patted its big head and slipped it to the referee’s seat.
Xiaoxi and Ji Lidan held a pot of freshly baked milky white pudding balls for breakfast. Qiuyuan also tasted them and found that they were really delicious. Can you say that these two sisters are really suitable for being chefs?
After everyone had eaten enough and digested almost, Qiuyuan blew the whistle, and then all the Poké mon returned to their positions and sat with cushions ready to watch the game.
The first group was mounted with lambs and frogs, but before Qiuyuan announced the start of the battle, frogs gave up directly.
Can’t mount a lamb. It’s too shameless. Even a forest lizard can’t mount a lamb. What’s more, it’s a restrained frog.
When they fight privately, the last thing they want is to mount the lamb with a proud speed in front of it.
You’re flamboyant, and people mount lambs and just sit back and relax.
Long-range attack of gunhead frog and forest lizard is scraping the mounted lamb. If it is a special attack, the gunhead frog attack is greatly weakened. The forest lizard makes a special attack on the mounted lamb, but it also enhances the strength of the mounted lamb.
If you attack at close range, you can’t hit the mount. The weakness of the lamb is still scraping. When the mount lamb finds the opportunity, you can hit the frog and the forest lizard with one collision.
Suo Gua-tou Frog wisely conceded defeat, and then went to the spectator seat by himself.
Mounting a lamb is going to make Qiuyuan praise it with great power. It’s true that the frog just gave up, which makes it a little depressed.
"The second group against the 24th player forest lizard against the 4th player Jigglypuff! Ready … er … No.4 player Jigglypuff chose to throw in the towel and No.24 player forest lizard won. "
Qiu Yuan was waving a flag to announce the start of the battle. Jigglypuff skipped to the field and then skipped back to the watching seat …
Naidi announced the victory of the forest lizard, and Qiuyuan knew that Jigglypuff would give up in the end. It was a little embarrassing for this little guy to give up without waiting for him to finish.
Cough for a while, blow the whistle and wave the flag again. "The third group plays against the forest lizard on the 23rd and the frog on the 21st!"
Qiu Yuan consciously paused for a moment, and saw that both the frog and the forest lizard gave him a strange look, and then he quickly announced that "the game started!"
The forest lizard quickly launched an impact on the gung-headed frog at the moment when Qiuyuan announced the start of the battle.
When the qualifications and grades of the two are almost the same, the restraint of attributes makes it difficult for the frog to defeat the forest lizard.
However, it is not impossible for the forest lizard to be fast and attack strongly, but its body is relatively fragile.
Although the special attack of water will be weakened by the forest lizard, the frog can knock down the forest lizard with a powerful physical attack, which is also its only chance to win the battle against the attribute.
At the moment when the forest lizard rushed at it, the frog responded quickly, jumping to avoid the impact of the forest lizard, and then spraying smoke to the ground to cover the competition venue and hide its body in the smoke.
The forest lizard didn’t hit it, and now it’s afraid to take action easily and be ambushed by a frog with a gung head.
In private combat training, the smoke screen of the frog with croak head often beats the forest lizard with its inverse attribute. The forest lizard knows this and doesn’t want to give the frog with croak head a smoke screen, but there is still no way. There is a great chance that the speed difference between the two is a few fast breaks.
At the moment, the audience outside the stadium, including Qiu Yuan, looked at the thick smoke with a stupid face and didn’t know what to say.
Smoke-puffing frog calmly stays in place while listening to the sound information in a mental height.
Although the sight of the frog in the smoke will be closed, long-term practice has given it a very strong hearing and vision, which has become its greatest advantage in the smoke.
Forest lizards don’t want to keep themselves in a passive state all the time, so they move slowly, and at the same time, they turn their heads at high frequency to watch out for the sudden attack of frogs.
While being alert to the forest lizard, he made a high-speed movement to make his body light, and made a small movement in the smoke without making too much noise.
But although it doesn’t make a lot of noise, it moves by itself, but it stirs up the smoke.
The smoke changes all the time. Not familiar with this environment, the forest lizard is not aware that its actions have made the smoke change law abnormal, and this little abnormality has been keenly noticed by the frog!
Qiuyuan heard the thump thump outside, and at the same time, the gray and black smoke stirred violently, and blades flew out from it from time to time.
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Chapter 19 Don’t be optimistic about the battle
At the moment, in the smoke, the fighting of the forest lizard frog is in its most intense moment.
The movement of the forest lizard caused the abnormal change of smoke. The frog noticed this abnormality and then determined its position very accurately. After sneaking up, it aimed at the most vulnerable waist of the forest lizard and launched an attack.
Three condensate bombs first attacked the head, chest and abdomen of the forest lizard, and then the frog flashed, and the target was indeed the waist of the forest lizard.
The water bomb was quickly reacted by the forest lizard and pointed to its head and abdomen. The water bomb was split by its blade, but at this time it was no longer split by the knife and flew to the chest. The forest lizard chose to move his body to avoid the blow.
However, just after the forest lizard escaped a water bomb shot at the chest, the frog with its accumulated strength hit its abdomen quickly, causing great damage to it.
The forest lizard reluctantly took this move, and then resisted the pain and responded. The super-sucking explosion took advantage of the stagnation of the frog’s body to swing a powerful knife and chop it.
In the first wave of confrontation between the two sides, the frog won by a narrow margin, but it didn’t feel well either. Its back was hard against the forest lizard chopping with angry blades.
The gunhead frog forest lizard had a small confrontation, and then took advantage of the forest lizard’s attack on a gear to make the water fluctuate and disrupt its rhythm to escape into the smoke.
The forest lizard doesn’t dare to be careless. It doesn’t even know how the frog just found its trail. It can’t even hear the sound, but the frog can find its position accurately.
In this spiritual height, the forest lizard can’t rest and recover its physical strength. Finally, it was locked by the croak frog when it accidentally walked. Because of excessive consumption of mental energy, it was already energetic when it tried to resist.
Finally, the frog came out of the smoke with a wound, but there was no forest lizard.
Shanaiduoli’s spirit controls the elemental force to form a strong wind, which blows away the smoke in the field and exposes the fallen forest lizard.
"I declare! The winner of the third group is the No.21 player Guatou Frog! "
"gung! Hey! "
A female croak frog was very excited and ran to her side to help her to the logistics group for treatment, and made a very intimate expression at the same time.
Qiu Yuan smiled when he saw this scene.
Then Qiuyuan announced a 30-minute intermission. In this issue, he also helped to treat a forest lizard. It can be seen that these two poké mon were very involved in the battle and did not leave their hands. The forest lizard was seriously injured.
"How do you feel?"
"Cha Mo Cha Mo"