"I challenged the windmill, and you? You spat at Real Madrid, and you challenged it as well. For you, Real Madrid is a monster more terrible than a windmill, right? " Don Quixote looked at winning and said.

Winning hey hey smile, scratched his head.
When he left, he made such a bold statement to the deputy director of the youth training department of Real Madrid: "You will regret it sooner or later!"
This means that he has challenged Real Madrid. One day, he will use practical actions to make Real Madrid regret their original decision!
This is the decision he made in his heart when he was kicked out by Real Madrid.
Don Quixote is right. For him, Real Madrid is like a huge windmill, and he is poor and stupid Don Quixote. In the eyes of the world, there is no possibility of defeating this powerful enemy.
In the end, Don Quixote was broken by the wings of the windmill, and even the man and the horse swept out.
What about yourself?
Will you get the same fate?
But in any case, this is not the reason to retreat in front of the huge windmill of Real Madrid.
Maybe Real Madrid won’t remember that they once humiliated a nobody.
But the constant victory will not let them go.
It’s about your honor and dignity.
"… of course, your decision, in others’ eyes, must be as stupid as my challenge to the windmill. It is ridiculous, crazy and unreasonable. But those are mediocre people. " Don Quixote continued, "You don’t need to care about and understand the opinions of mediocre people. Because they are mediocrity, mediocrity is mediocrity because they dare not even think, let alone try. And we are knights, even if we are crazy knights, we are knights. A true knight, courage is the most important quality. When the knight is faced with a battle that cannot be avoided and must be fought in World War I, even if the enemy is a hundred times stronger than himself, he must stand up his pike and rush-front! "
Don Quixote became more and more excited, and in the end he simply shouted.
Seeing him like this, the scene that emerges in front of Chang Sheng’s eyes is a figure wearing eccentric armor, riding a thin horse, standing up a pike, with his legs sandwiched between his horses, and then riding his horse to the spinning windmill …
A sentence like this suddenly popped up in his mind, I don’t know where I saw it.
"Don Quixote is an image that always advances."
When Changsheng woke up from his dream, it was already eight o’clock in the morning.
He sat on the bed, and the sunshine outside the window slanted in and projected on the wall, bright.
Looking at the real room in front of me, the ever-victorious thinking still stays in the illusory dream.
His mind also recalled Don Quixote’s last words:
"Challenge the windmill and challenge Real Madrid are symbols of courage, representing the will to never give up, which is determined by your personality. There are countless possibilities in life, but you choose the one full of thorns, but the scenery you see will be unique. By your side, human feelings will be staged in a more exaggerated way. Some people may hate you without asking why, and some people may love you regardless of return. But no matter what difficulties you encounter, think about a huge windmill in front of your road. That’s your goal. But before reaching this goal, you will meet all kinds of windmills, and you must beat them. No matter how powerful and outrageous the enemy is, you must take the courage to go forward and charge! "
"That’s all I can do for you. You have to go the next way, young man. Good luck. It’s not easy to fight against windmills. You really need good luck. "
He didn’t expect that it was the famous Don Quixote who helped him.
But … Don Quixote’s words really have some truth.
Because he and Don Quixote are both crazy people who are trying to challenge the windmill.
Real Madrid is even more powerful than a windmill for itself now.
But so what? Can we just throw in the towel and go around?
But this can’t be bypassed.
Real Madrid is not the only windmill in the world football. If you bypass every windmill you can’t beat, you might as well stay in getafe and not go anywhere.
Some people are very rational and smart. When they find that this road won’t work, they will choose another road, and they can always get around it.
But in fact, there are always some situations that you can’t bypass. There is no other way except this one.
If you don’t take this road, you’ll have to go back the same way, and all your efforts will be wasted.
What should I do at this time?
Smart people will choose to stop, or simply go back the same way. They will tell others and themselves, "Sometimes it takes more courage to give up."
Everyone believed what they said and praised their "courage".
But at this time, the fool and the madman will choose to bump into it. Then "win" the ridicule of others.