What should we do?

It seems impossible to capture them all alive!
Suneyar stepped forward with a flash of his figure and sneered, "Young generation, let me ask you a question. Have you told my master about this?"
Chen Han shrugged his shoulders and admitted his speculation, because if he said he didn’t tell his legacy, the other party would have no scruples about killing him.
On the other hand, it would be different if my master knew about it. Just fighting for the magic body of the fire source, my master will only fight for it, not all-round killing. If you know that he was killed by two factions, you will definitely be desperate to destroy the two factions, so in order to leave a little room for yourself, you will naturally not kill him.
"Hand over the magic weapon of the fire source and surrender it. We promise that we will never hurt you!" Lingche looked like a great benefit to him.
"Ridiculous, because of you?"
Chen Han’s eyes glanced at each other like electricity, sneering: "Even if Yin Jingu and Yanchang Gate are tied together, it’s not enough for us to fill our teeth. Unblock the body of the magic weapon of the fire source, and you will leave here. I should have guaranteed your safety, and my Youquanmen will never be wiped out. How about that? "
"It’s … ungrateful thing, take it for me!"
The grumpy Shen Li Ding immediately gave an order, and eight immortals rushed to kill him. Six of them targeted Qingyang, Liuchuan and Su Hai, while the two popes went straight to Chen Han.
As long as we take him down, the three immortals and the magic body of the fire source are all easy to get.
"Kill four people and capture four people alive!" Chen Han had to give such an order, otherwise he was completely unsure of trapping eight immortals.
"Don’t come to help?"
When his voice fell, he was trying his best to yell at the past six people with a pair of three He Qi. Six immortals jumped like flying, but they didn’t notice. He Qi’s immortal power suddenly condensed to the extreme, focusing on two weaker immortals among them.
At the same time, before Suneyar and Shen went over the three of them and rushed to Chen Han’s side, he grinned and split the wrist vein with a witch osteotome.
The curse of stealing the day!
The cadence of the spell echoed in the void, and the purple blood fog quickly spread, and Suneyar and Shen Li Ding, who had no time to rush through that area, were shrouded in blood fog on the spot.
That is, at this time, they watched He Qi turn back at the cold feet, and the sword light twisted the unsuspecting ally into pieces.
"He Qi … you traitor …"
Shen Li-ding’s voice was cut off by blood and fog, and Suneyar almost screamed in despair: "Witch secret method! Damn it … They are the remnants of the witch family, and there are hallows … "
It’s a pity that everything was too late. He Qi took advantage of the six people’s efforts to attack Qingyang and others, and when Lao Li had gone to Xinli, he easily killed two early immortals from Yin Jingu Palace. Eight immortals died instantly, almost in no particular order. Liuchuan and Su Hai targeted the other two immortals, and Qingyang over there has launched the seal of the treasure.
Ten times weakened not only the immortal strength and speed, but also the force of Yuan God, which directly affected the power in the field. The remaining six immortals instantly weakened their combat power by ten times.
At the same time, it was bound by the domain rules of Liuchuan and Suhai, which were also in the middle period of the immortal statue, and its combat power was weakened again on the basis of only 10%.
The two immortals have no strength to strike back at all. Their speed is much slower than each other’s, and their immortal knowledge becomes so weak that they can hardly lock each other’s attacks.
Two immortals struggled to meet in the shortness, and the whole body was fragmented in the sword light. The power of the sword light of Liuchuan and Su Hai was only weakened by less than half, and they continued to bomb the remaining four people in a blink of an eye.
The four men were completely enveloped by the seal seal of Fudibao, which surprisingly weakened the bondage of domain rules and reduced their combat power to an incredible situation. If they also have a sacristy in hand, they can fight against the seal seal of Gedibao, which is also a sacristy. Without the weakening of the sacristy, the weakening of the field power will not exist, and it will be impossible to achieve a hundred times decline in strength.
It’s a pity that they don’t have a sacristy. Only two popes have a magic weapon of HarmonyOS, which is beyond the magic weapon of fairy products, but it is no match for the sacristy after all.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that it’s all ineffective. The degree of weakening of the two people is obviously much less, only about five times. As a result, the domain rules have been weakened by five times, adding up to an astonishing twenty-five times. Which is the opponent of Liuchuan, Su Hai and He Qi who have little difference in cultivation?
Want to know the gap between them, just a product order, just three times …
Chapter 625 With one enemy four
Some functions of Qingyang controlling blood fog were temporarily revoked, and its contact with the outside world was still interrupted, but the bondage to the six senses and fairy knowledge disappeared.
Hallows and rules are weakened, and each side has four immortals. Are you afraid that the other side will join hands to form a war?
The other four people were besieged by Qingyang and others in the central area. Facing the storm, they were stronger than them and attacked many times. How can they fight back?
In other words, the other side left their hands on purpose, which gave them a chance to live. Otherwise, with the gap in combat power between the two sides, even a round would not last.
"Yuan will, TongSheng, SiKongAn … you … where did they go? !” Suneyar body bloody harsh voice drink.
Chen Han, who was outside the encirclement, was accompanied by ten immortals. He said faintly, "He died at the beginning, and the gorgeous spike can kill you just like now, because I am not sure that I can trap everyone in an instant, so I can only sacrifice some of them."
There are only five immortals in the poor Yin Jingu Palace. Although He Qi was forced to turn back at the cold feet, he was a man of Yan ‘men after all, and Chen Han issued an order to kill others naturally. As for the other two immortals, the same is true. Since He Qi became Chen Han’s men, Ruchuan and Su Hai gave him some face and killed the immortals of Yin Jingu Palace.
Four of the five immortals died, leaving only Suneyar, the Pope. This was definitely a big blow to him, and the top power of Yin Jingu Palace was almost completely annihilated.
"He Qi! You traitor, you conspire with outsiders to plot this door! " Shen Li-ding was even more angry. His brother, who co-founded Yan-yang Gate with himself, chose betrayal at this juncture.
"Pope, I … I have no choice …" He Qi looked dim and dared not face up to his former brother.
"If it was just him, he would have fought to death. He still has family, understand?" Chen Leng smiled and obviously spoke for He Qi.
"Family …"
Shen Li-ding guessed something vaguely, and his eyes cracked and he shouted, "Bastard, as a young master of Youquanmen, you should use such cheap means to force a fairy statue, you know …"
Chen Han directly interrupted him with a wave of his hand, sneering: "You Quan Men is none of my business. I want the result, and the easiest way to achieve my goal is the best way. Don’t tell Lao Tzu what face, that set doesn’t work here, Lao Tzu is a man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, understand? "
Without waiting for the other person to speak, he grimaced and whispered: "Now you are the same. After choosing to submit, you will be my cold brother. Resist … all your family members and men will be killed, and the women will be ruined. And the whole process will be announced. I will let everyone in the fairy world know how the harem of the Xianzun family was done by men!"
"Beast … you don’t die a natural death …"
"By the way, the number of men who fuck your family’s harem will increase by 10,000. Keep cursing."
"You …"
"Don’t scold?"
Chen Han tilted his head and looked at Shen Li Ding, who dared to be angry and dare not speak. He said slowly: "Be my brother, this celestial world will be your world in the future, and all super powers will be obedient. If you feel wronged, then as a vassal force, aren’t you attached to other superpowers and sniffing? "
"Super power is stronger than us, and you? Why? " Suneyar rapped out.
"Me? Your lives are in my hands now. Do you think I am better than you? "
"Shameless conspiracy!"
"So …"
Chen Han said indifferently, "I’ll give you a chance to compete fairly, and vowed to suppress the cultivation to the same level as me, and the four of you will go together." If you win, I will give you the magic weapon of the fire source, and I will follow you forever and ever at your disposal, including all my forces. If you lose, you will follow me from now on and don’t ask you to be slaves, dare you? "
Fight in the same order, with four to one?
Among them, Suneyar and Shen Li-ding are both third-order constitutions, and their talents have increased to a big level. It is impossible for anyone to surpass them under the same order.
Unless …
Suneyar’s mind moved, and he shouted, "The premise is that you can’t use all prohibitions beyond your own cultivation, magic weapons beyond fairy products, and any elixirs."
"What about you?"
"Since it is a fair confrontation, of course, so are we."
"Do you think I will agree?"