"But I can’t let my milk know."

I thought about it all the way, boarded the plane, looked at the blue outside the window and watched it get smaller until I couldn’t see the city.
Spend the day and night
Momo peach came to another country.
You have something to say.
Peach (rested on her hips) can’t wash thick winter clothes. Is there a problem? Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel from 7133: 5: 48 to 7143: 9: 1 ~
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel for 6 bottles in September; 559131 bottles;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 171 Chapter 171
Momo Tao, they arrived early in the morning and left the plane. According to normal, they should arrive in country A at noon.
However, there were some accidents in the plane, and they had to stop for another day and wait until the evening to take off again.
Looking at the dark outside, Momo’s peach face posted on the window appeared somewhat lost.
"I will see the stars clearly." After all, they are flying so high.
"You have to go to the control room to see it." Lin Qinghe pulled her blanket with a little smile on her face, and it was cold.
The temperature will drop a little when the plane flies high, not to mention that it is getting colder and colder as it gets closer to country A.
"Alas," Momo Tao sighed, bulging her mouth and said, "I didn’t expect to be tired by plane."
Her longing for the plane was shattered by this flight.
It’s really cold and tired.
Also, the temperature is low now, and there are fewer people on the plane, otherwise it will have to be stinky.
"Just go to sleep." Lin Qinghe adjusted her position, which is very experienced.
"Can’t sleep" Momo peach bitterness
If you adjust this position again, you will have to sit and sleep.
Lin Qinghe hesitated and said, "Then I’ll ask if there is an upgrade, so the front position will be more comfortable."
"… forget it." Momo peach gave up, collapsed in the chair and became a soft peach, which was soft from person to sound.
"You have to pay more for the upgrade." Air tickets are not cheap.
"And it’s not good for everyone to arrange it in a unified way."
Lin Qinghe smiled and felt Momo peach head light way
"Don’t worry about this. Although it is a unified arrangement, it is not necessary to have everything together. Foreign countries can take care of people in the general direction and it is impossible to manage such details."
"We pay for it ourselves, and no one can say anything."
"That also wait to say again" Momo peach paralysis with a little head tilted toward the side to open your eyes.
"Besides, even if you change it, you may not fall asleep."
"I know the bed."
Those bright eyes seem to have morning light in them, and the eyes look up slightly. They are always very happy, full of vigor and charm.
Now these eyes have been staring at him. Slowly, slowly, the little head tilted a little bit here and finally leaned against his arm and looked at him with a koo look.
"I rely on one."
The back of her head rubbed out her white little hand and her big eyes blinked with a little knuckles.
"just one"
This look is exactly the same as when I was a child.
Lin Qinghe couldn’t help but chuckle and move her arm to make her more comfortable. Her eyes were full of smiles and coax.
"Just one line"
Then he gave her a blanket and hat and continued to coax "go to sleep."
"just one"
Momo peach yawned, and her eyes overflowed with water. Her eyelids drooped a little and she fell asleep soon.
Looking at the arm and little head, Lin Qinghe sighed in her heart and sent her face to the hat to press the sound gently and with a little nai.
"Why are you still so childish?"
It’s true that sleeping on the plane is not easy to sleep. Even if you have a personal cushion, Momo Peach wakes up several times in the middle.
In a daze, I took people’s arms and began to lean back and forth. Finally, I felt relieved. Only then did I have a good sleep with my’ headrest’ until the plane came to ask for a stop notice.
Momo peach this just opened his eyes sleepy yawned and rubbed his eyes soft way
"Have you arrived yet?"
Warm breath in the ear, followed by Lin Qinghe’s voice, which slowed down compared with the past, and some sounds were somewhat sleepy and sleepy.
"It should be about the same."
Momo peach ears moved kinetic energy and felt the beating heart and breathing rate behind them for a good half-day before reaching out and clutching his little face.
The blush spread from the face to the neck, and even the tip of the ear was red.
Lin Qinghe gave a few frowsty smiles behind him, and his eyes were half folded. He didn’t wake up yet. He stretched out his long hand and touched the little girl in his arms and patted her on the back.
"Go to sleep again"
Momo peach tightly pursed her lips and covered her face motionless, and she moved it by him, but turned around with her big eyes.