Although it is shameful to kill a scholar, Cao Xing believes that there is no room for manoeuvre. Everything has two sides. Even if Cao Xing is caught now, it may not be a bad thing.

Cao Xing’s mind is hovering over which scheme is more feasible. However, at this moment, several people suddenly came out of the jungle.
This is not only Cao Xing’s reason, but even the soldiers were shocked. He ran out of dozens of people and these personal ornaments were not officers and soldiers, but Cao Xing can also be sure that these people who ran out were not seen by others. Although these personal costumes are unified, they look a little strange.
Their heads are wrapped in a piece of gold cloth, two feathers are inserted in their faces, and two bells are worn around their waists. Whenever they walk or move, they always tinkle. This kind of decoration gives people the first impression that they are from Shan Ye. After all, it is a non-mainstream decoration.
However, these people can see a 17-year-old young man with a big knife and a ferocious face coming out to see him without saying a word. "Brothers, do it!"
See these people don’t hesitate to take weapons in their hands and drink and kill them to the officers and men. This time, these soldiers were frightened. Where is this? A bandit and rogue army jumped out.
However, it is obvious that this bandit came prepared, and their purpose was to slaughter these officers and soldiers. While letting their hands go to stop them, the commanders of ten hurriedly stepped back to take the opportunity to escape. However, they were stared at by the 17-year-old young man, who came to the group of commanders with a leap in the previous step and saw the young man holding a big knife and brushing two heads to the ground.
This time, the only 10-year-old commander in the team has scared the six gods, and the young man suddenly became interested when he saw him shaking so much. He grabbed his collar directly.
The centurion seemed to swallow a mouthful of saliva with some trepidation at the moment and said to the young man trembling, "What are you doing? I’m telling you, we are Jingzhou shepherds, and you dare to touch us! "
However, this young man showed a grim smile when he heard this. "You dog officials usually bully others and kill old people because you don’t know anything about Jingzhou shepherd!"
The young man cut off the head of the 10-year-old with a brush, and now Cao Xing finally saw the young man’s appearance. The young man is seven feet tall and has a short hair face, but there is nothing special about him, but the key is his body. Even the whole department is tattooed. After that, it is an image of a young man.
And the young man looked at Cao Xing with a ferocious smile. He went to Cao Xing and his hands also solved the problem of the remaining officers and men. Two hands instantly lifted Cao Xing up and then a rope was tied directly to Cao Xing.
Cao Xing wanted to open his mouth to say something, but suddenly he felt that he had been hit hard in the back of his head and fainted like this.
When Cao Xing woke up again, he felt that it seemed to be a very dark room at first sight. Even if he lit a few candles, it was still dark. He glanced at Cao Xing with his eyes open and found that there were a number of eyes staring at him at the moment, while in the middle seat, he was sitting with a big makin knife. The young man always looked at Cao Xing with a playful face as if Cao Xing was a dying man.
After almost ten breaths, this group of mountain thieves caught Cao Xing in this dark house. After Cao Xing reacted, he should be afraid and kowtow to them for mercy.
However, it was not expected that Cao Xing actually looked at them with a smile after ten breaths.
This group of mountain thieves are all looking at me here. I think you are a little confused. Isn’t it a fool that this Cao Cao is caught at the moment and still laughs?
Before a mountain thief, drink a drink directly. However, Cao Cao ignored him. Although Cao Cao’s hands were tied behind his back at the moment, Cao Cao’s thighs slipped back a few steps and finally leaned directly against the wall with a relaxed face.
At the moment, some mountain thieves are even more nervous. Several mountain thieves can’t help but run to the young man and write a novel, "Boss, this guy won’t be a fool, will he? Like we tied those dignitaries here before, he even had such a small face and smirked. If he is really a fool, we won’t fall short!"
Chapter three hundred and six Kidnapping situation (2)
Although Cao’s sexual behavior is very abnormal, the young man sneered when he saw this: "Pretending to be a ghost!"
The young man took a bite and spit out the straw in his mouth. Then he strode directly to Cao Xing and kicked him. "I said what are you smirking about? I’ll drag you out to feed the wild dogs later!"
However, hearing this, Cao Xing looked at the young man with open eyes and shook his head gently. "What wild dogs are you feeding? Here is a boat surrounded by water. Does your dog live in water? "
Cao Xing said this with a relaxed look on his face, and there was a lot of ridicule in his tone. After hearing this, the young man’s eyes widened, and those bandits next to him felt even more in stitches.
Being teased by Cao Xing, I looked at my hand and even wanted to laugh. The young man called out the people around him and everyone was afraid to speak.
The young man looked at Cao Xing for a moment and snorted. Then he said, "You can actually feel that we are in the boat at the moment, but you are not afraid that the old man will tear you apart without saying anything!"
However, Cao Xing shook his head again when he heard this statement. "You won’t kill people without saying anything or getting up any money. It doesn’t seem to be the usual style of brocade sail thieves!"
When the young man heard these three words, he was also leng leng, but then his eyes suddenly became fierce, and he stopped with a dagger in Cao’s collar and made two strokes in Cao’s face.
"Since you also know that you are always a brocade sail thief and dare to talk to the old man like this, you don’t believe that the old man will kill you now!"
However, when Cao Xing heard this sentence, it was another sigh. "Gan Ning, I think you’d better forget it. If that’s all you have, I think you’d better hurry back to Yizhou and rely on your father’s fame to ingratiate yourself with a small official in Yizhou. Don’t make a fool of yourself outside!"
When Cao Xing spoke these words, the young man in front of him was completely shocked. He called out his name because of Cao Xing. If he called out his name, it would be all right. But the key is that Cao Xing knows him in such detail and knows that he is from Yizhou. Their family is also a wealthy family in Yizhou.
"Who are you?"
"Ha ha, I’m just a businessman from Bingzhou!"
"It’s an ordinary businessman from Bingzhou, so you know so much about me!"
Cao Xing shook his head and replied with a leisurely face, "Because your name is very big, even though you have been active in Jingzhou and Yizhou all the year round, your name has already spread far and wide in Bingzhou!"
"Oh, and this!" Hearing this, Gan Ning’s mouth couldn’t help but pull up a smile. He didn’t expect his name to be so loud that he had already arrived in Bing, but Cao Xing’s words made his face smile instantly.
"I heard these words from the people who came to Bing to flee. They said that Gan Ning, the brocade sail thief, often killed and oppressed the people, and there was no difference between you and the street hooligans. You were still an official brother, often colluding with the local government, and some people saw you often bowing like a grandson in front of those dog officials, and those government officials just waved their hands and allowed you to be Hu Fei. Your name has long been stinking in Bing!"
Gan ning was furious when he heard this, and his eyes were wide open and bloodshot, pointing to Cao Xing. "What the fuck did you say to me?" This is slander, pure slander. How dare you insult me? I’ll chop you up and feed you to the dog now! "
However, Cao Xing just dumped Gan Ning and said with righteous words, "What slander? This is the fact. The fact is also in front of us. I am just an unarmed business in Bingzhou, but you caught me here and threatened to intimidate you to say where I slandered you. If your name didn’t stink so much, how could I touch your bottom so clearly!"
As soon as Gan Ning heard this, he wanted to refute it, but suddenly he couldn’t say it because he didn’t know how to refute Cao Xing, as if everything in front of him was saying that others Cao Xing said it made sense.
Looking at this hesitant look, Cao Cao’s heart is also slightly calmed down. This time, it is a bet. Although the Three Kingdoms is a troubled time, bandits and mountain thieves can be seen everywhere.
But then again, which one is in the three nationalities has a very detailed description of this Gan Ning.
Gan Ning is indeed a different kind, even though his father seems to be an official in Shu, but when he was young, Gan Ning never disciplined from his father and often ganged up and looted everywhere.
It’s even more profitable to buy many boats with his companions in the river. What’s more, every time the boat travels to a field, it will call those local county magistrate Xiancheng and others to come out to pick it up. If those county magistrate Xiancheng and others really come out and welcome with a smile, then Ganning will feel very good, not only delicious, but also will distribute the stolen property to these people before leaving.
However, if these county magistrates treat Gan Ning coldly, Gan Ning will take people directly into the county government and take these restricted heads.
And this Gan Ning is also a pursuit of non-mainstream people, and everyone calls him a brocade sail thief.